Dodgers Cody Bellinger Gets Revenge for Joc Pederson

Don’t need to yell! Just walk it off.

The Dodgers historic run of 5 walk-off wins had an extra special meaning last night. Not only was Cody Bellinger making history with the 5th consecutive walk-off win for the Dodgers, it marked the first time a team has won a game to sweep a series (albeit only 2 games), with the same exact score by the same exact player at bat in both games.

All that stuff is great and all, but what matters for this team is that it’s a team.

Last week, Yoan Lopez of the Arizona Diamondbacks came in relief with the score tied at 4-4, two outs and one man on base.

Joc Pederson comes up to bat and proceeds to strike out and watch Lopez pound his chest, walking off the mound and even nodding in Joc’s direction.

Cody Bellinger must have been watching because before reaching first base, he was already pounding his chest while looking into the Diamondbacks dugout.

Nothing brings a team together a team more than when you’re best player is backing you up and this 2019 Dodgers is something truly special, so enjoy the show!

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  1. All those years we had to watch Paul Goldsmidt beat up on our Dodgers – this is sweet revenge indeed! As to the chest thumping, The Diamondbacks have always been and I believe will continue to be 100% completely jealous of the Dodgers! They want to beat us more than any other team in baseball but have proven over the years they will always be left wanting. Way to go Cody!!!!!

    • And when was the last time the Dodgers won the world series? And the Diamondbacks won it when? Nuff said

  2. Ron, ever been to a Dodger/Dback game in Phoenix? There are as many or more Dodger fans in the crowd. Now that’s something to be jealous about.

    • I’ve been to a few in Chase (dump) Field. Was there for Cory Seager’s first HR…..LA fans everywhere…!!! THUMP..THUMP…THUMP….

  3. Bellinger mentioned Yoan in the post game interview as well. Something about how “He’s gotten us a couple times so it was nice to get him.”

  4. Phoenix is usually outnumbered in their own stadium. When the Cowboys go there the Cowboy fans outnumber the Cardinals fans 2 to 1.

  5. I absolutely love that Cody had Joc’s back. And Cody made it clear by mimicking Yoan’s chest thumping while intentionally looking at D-backs in the dug-out. Nothing like team camaraderie….Go Dodgers!

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