Dodgers Credits: Maeda Biggest Bargain in Baseball, Week 2 Review and More

The Los Angeles Dodgers will be on the road the next week looking to cash in on wins vs. the Atlanta Braves and Colorado Rockies. Pitcher Kenta Maeda was impressive in his last start and some have made a comparison to Zack Greinke. Plus, the Dodgers get reviewed following week 2 of action and more in today’s Dodgers Credits.

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  1. Elisa! Just think how many crafty pitchers like Maeda haven’t, and won’t get a chance to succeed professionally because their fastball is not in the mid 90’s. But if you look back to the age of the pitchers, you will find that most were control types. That’s why I don’t like these # guys such as we have. They are spreading across baseball as if they have won a World Series. In most sports the trailer imitates the the winner… But in this case it seems to defy any pattern that i’ve  seen before. Pitchers such as Don Sutton, Catfish Hunter, Tommy John, Tom Glavin, Luis Tiant, and Greg Maddux would have a tough time getting a look. It’s good that Maeda had established himself before these #’s geeks had a chance to put this round peg into a square hole.