Dodgers: Dave Roberts’ Best Moves From LA’s 2020 Postseason! Has Doc Been Vindicated?

In his fifth year at the helm, manager Dave Roberts led the Los Angeles Dodgers to their first World Series Championship in 32 years. As their manager, Dave Roberts has led the Dodgers to five straight National League West titles, three National League pennants and now a World Series title.

He has made his share of head-scratching moves during his tenure as LA’s skipper, but the 2020 postseason saw Dave Roberts at his best when it came to decision-making. From pushing the right bullpen buttons, going with the right pinch hitters, to trusting Julio Urías in key moments, Dave Roberts’ improvement as a manager was evident throughout the 2020 postseason.

We count down the top 8 moves made by Dave Roberts during the Dodgers 2020 postseason run!


As we all saw a new and improved Doc Roberts in 2020, the Dodgers finally got over that hurdle that had eluded them for the last few seasons. What were your favorite moves, or the moves you were most surprised about? Let us know in the comments below!

And for more on these moves, check out this accompanying article below.

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Written by Doug McKain


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  1. Since the Dodgers won the WS, and DR didn’t get in their way too much, I think he deserves to keep his job for another year. Does that qualify as vindication?

  2. Odd déjà vu moment for us to all ponder. Yes, we Dodger fans have all been here before. Tommy Lasorda became Dodger manager in 1976. He took us to 3 World Series’ in his first 6 years. Dave Roberts took us to 3 World Series’ in his first 5 years. BOTH managers won in their 3rd try. 1981–and 2020. BOTH had teams that were solid in all 3 categories, fielding, hitting, pitching. BOTH had teams heavy on All Stars, Gold Gloves, etc. And the strangest oddity in my mind? BOTH won their first World Series in a shortened season. And maybe….one day…..both will be in the Hall of Fame

  3. Roberts is one “outsmart himself decision” from being right back where he was at the beginning of the season…

  4. Roberts is a really niece guy but he has made many bad moves managing the Dodgers he was lucky winning the world series so don’t think this will improve his decisions on pitching changes and playing different players at different positions it’s to late his mind set won’t change dose that give you a idea how i feel.

  5. I can only say that because of this Pandemic 2020 season this was by far the toughest WS to win than what any other WS team ever had to go through. As far as Roberts goes? WSS what and how he learned from this experience going forward.

  6. I remember the old days when Walt Alston was manager for many years without any real contract. He went year to year, basically saying, if you want me to come back next year let me know. He didn’t seek “vindication”. Being allowed to come back year after year was his vindication. Times have changed.

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