Dodgers’ Dave Roberts Comments On Fans Booing Pedro Baez

It is no secret that Pedro Baez has not been a fan-favorite for a very long time. His name often gives fans a bad taste in their mouths, and visions of home runs and lost leads begin to formulate.

Well, the home crowd has apparently had enough of Baez and let him hear it on Friday.

Luckily, Baez was able to strikeout the side and not give up any runs resulting in cheers, as if fans had trusted him all along.

It’s one thing to boo an opponent, but to boo a player on your home team is a whole other story. Are the boos justified? Well for most of the year Beaz has been an absolutely solid piece of the bullpen.

He put up a 1.35 ERA, 1.59 ERA, and 1.69 ERA in the months of May, June, and July, respectively. His ERA jumped to 3.38 in August and is at an absolutely ridiculous 27.00 so far in September. Also, besides Kenley Jansen and Ross Stripling, he has pitched the most innings out of any Dodger reliever, with 57.

With that said, his recent struggles have undoubtedly put him under the microscope during this recent slump, and Dave Roberts was not happy with the crowd’s reaction.

J.P. Hoornstra of the Southern California News Group tweeted a lengthy quote from Roberts on the boos. Dave Roberts, being his players’ number one fan like he has always been, made sure to let the fans have it.

Personally, I don’t think that booing our own players is the best strategy, but I get it. This slump has been more than frustrating and, although not necessarily true, it seems like Pedro Baez has been in the middle of quite a few losses. Fans are annoyed with Roberts’ unwavering trust in Baez and showed it, which they have every right to do. Just like Roberts has every right to bite back and defend his player.

What do you think about all of this? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Alex Perez

Whittier College Alumnus.
Editor In Chief of Dodgers Nation.
Lifelong Dodgers fan.


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  1. If one of my favorite restaurants serves me great, delicious food for 3-4 months and then starts serving me shit for the next 2, l’m gonna stop goin there and tell the chef how l feel. It’s the same situation now with Baez. His food sucks right now. I don’t wanna be forced to eat it.

  2. Hi my name is Alan I was at the dodger game last night and yes it was pretty bad that we boo Pedro Baez I just want to say as a true dodger fan and I’m really sorry

  3. Tom Niedenfuer was the most unreliable relief pitcher for the team in the 1980s. Pedro Baez is too similar year after year. Why continue the risk?
    Dave Roberts’ management of the bulllen recently has been RIDICULOUS! Mark my word as a lifelong Dodger fan, Pedro Baez will blow it in any playoff game.

  4. I was upset with the fans along with Roberts. That is totally unacceptable. Baez has been one of the best pitchers in the bull pen. Everyone, including Kershaw, has off nights. The whole team is struggling, but–Cheer them, support them, believe in them or don’t call yourself a fan! They will come back.

    • Fans should boo roberts. Hasn’t he ever heard of a squeeze bunt? I can’t remember when he has had a player squeeze bunt or even bunted a man over to third with a runner on second with no outs. We could have tied or won a lot of games. Squeezing a runner in would at least give other teams something to think about when theres a runner on third. Right now they know roberts won’t squeeze.

  5. Real dodger fans grind with the team and don’t talk bad about the team.. I personally think the ones booing are the ones that watch a game here and there, as per I speaking for myself goes with the team along there joys and defeats.. when the dodgers lose that’s it for me I ain’t thinking or viewing any other team and content with the dodgers..

  6. Yes it is more then frustrating it’s humiliating . Living in NorCal with Giant fans now saying crap toward us & Dodgers still going down the hole only encourages them more. So yes Baez has blown important games. Yes the fans are pissed but maybe this will wake up this whole team .. We support you but get your act together or you’ll be next to get the boos.. When you are on a high then now more then a slump your nerves get shot. It’s because we have passion in this team and it hurts like hell to see us go down the drain. Now let’s hope today they play like they want it. Give the fans something to cheer about. Bleed Blue forever a Dodger girl. Let’s do this Dodgers..

  7. The fans boo who they want and when they want, and the Dodgers set the ticket prices as high as they want. Put your big boy pants on Roberts and suck it up.

    • Absolutely agree Pedro is a massive issue definitely not playoff material if dodgers make it that far. Roberts put the team in the slump so he should take some of the heat and blame if something ain’t broke don’t fix it. He more than fixed it he f it right up.

  8. They were booing Robert’s for not pulling Dervish as soon as it got away from him … he’s the one that should be breaking the slump but when he makes bonehead move like not having Granderson bunt with a runner on second n no outs !!!

    • Fans should boo roberts. Hasn’t he ever heard of a squeeze bunt? I can’t remember when he has had a player squeeze bunt or even bunted a man over to third with a runner on second with no outs. We could have tied or won a lot of games. Squeezing a runner in would at least give other teams something to think about when theres a runner on third. Right now they know roberts won’t squeeze.

  9. Why do you Dave *Doc* Roberts think the fans were booing Baez? even though he rightly deserves it! are you sure Doc, it is not you they are booing? with your continue use of Logan Forsythe and his looking at strike one then strike two then swinging strike Three. Or maybe they are booing you because, you continue to use Granderson at the number two spot and he has not been any better then Pederson, since the Lone Ranger and his faithful companion Tonto (Aka: Friedman & Zaidi) traded for him. Or maybe Doc, they are booing you and the team because they are playing like an A-ball team and making all opposing pitchers look like aces. These MLB Dodgers should be ashamed of collecting their paycheck for the last two weeks and should donate their pay to charity. And finally, if you do not want fans to boo, then you pay for their parking, tickets, and what they spend at the ball park.. Then you can have a reason to get pissed off when they boo a player.

  10. I just want a World Series. Most fans want it so bad that emotions are going to get the best of them. It’s all part of the experience. What would be worse is what I experienced in 1998 (while physically at World Series) when the Padres got swept and Padre fans stood up and applauded their “effort”. A true sign of loser mentality.

  11. Here’s an idea, Dave, until he ‘finds’ himself, don’t put him in high leverage situations! He’s extremely slow-paced, and if it wasn’t for his velocity which the FO fell in love with, he’d have been sent down by now. You don’t like the fans reaction, tough, it ain’t nothing compared to NY or Boston.

  12. Pedro has never been a pressure pitcher. He does fine with big leads or pitching from behind. But trying to hold a close lead, you can see the fear in his eyes. His demeanor changes. It’s his personalty. Didn’t he have to take a So keep using him if you want, just not in high leverage situations. As far as fans booing.. they pay huge ticket prices, put up with a partial TV blackout, high prices for food and drink at the park not to mention exorbitant parking fees and in return expect a premium product to be presented , they paid for the right to boo.

    As far as continuing to use Pedro in high leverage situations? What’s it called doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results?

  13. How about sit Graderson who by the way hasn’t been so grand and play Taylor in left and keep Baez off the mound period!!!

  14. You have it all wrong Dave! Those boo’s were meant for you as a result of your incredibly questionable line-up decisions, especially continuing to place Baez in game changing situations!

  15. With the amount of money fans spend on a game, they deserve better. I’d boo too, if I just laid out $200 for another lose.

  16. Hitting a man when he’s down sure makes a lot of sense when He one of the ones that carried us thru the rest of the season. We’re a team not individuals. Support OUR TEAM!!!

  17. Maybe the fans should be booing Dave Roberts instead since he doesn’t seem to know what to do about his team’s losing slump. If he had any sincerity or humility towards the fans he would be apologizing for the embarassing way the teams loses game after game. Shame on you Roberts!

  18. Stop with the high strike zone pitch. Baez ( and some of the other relievers) don’t have enough movement on the ball and miss it more than they hit it when they call that pitch. Fools gold on the bullpens ERA’s. Look at their ERA’s when they’re in a high stress inning and pitch to more then one batter. Roberts got cocky with the big division lead and took away more momentum then he thought he would by playing so many different lineups. Can’t make everyone happy but that comes with being a manager.

    • You are correct Rich. The only guy that can control the high strike is Kenley Jansen. Their trouble started when they put Adrian Gonzales At 1st and put Bellinger in the outfield where he injured his ankle.
      Adrian Gonzales is done. His back will always be a problem. The same goes for Kershaw. You never know when he’s picthed his last game. I hope he can make it through the post season. Roberts needs to go back to the lineup he used to get us where we were before the return of Gonzales.

  19. Pedro has reverted to being his real self. His success earlier in the season was an anomaly. He should have been given his adios long ago. Dave continues to be a fanny slapping high fiver when what the Dodgers need is a Tommy type manager who will both praise and publicly chew backsides when the player deserves it. Pedro is to the Dodgers what Donnie Moore was to the Angels.

  20. When it takes me more than 4 hours of travel time, over $200 for tickets, $75 for inflated food prices and the occasional $30+ souvenir I expect a great product, the prices don’t drop when the product is far good, so yes booing is justified. Baez hurts us right now and shouldn’t keep getting run out there night after night LOSS AFTER LOSS.

  21. Us fans are just expressing our frustration with him, because he does give up homeruns and loses games for us. What Roberts should be “pissed off” at is that Los Angeles still cannot watch the Dodgers on local TV!!! He does put TOO much trust in Baez, in my opinion, and this 10 game losing streak is frustrating the fans, the players as well as the front office, and hopefully they will get it out of their system going into the playoffs.

  22. Ok Pedro is a good pitcher but right now no as he seems to be falling hard he has been bad for a while but the man needs to be given confidence as booing WILL NOT HELP. This really shows loyalty you can’t expect for him to be perfect, yes he paid to be but even they know he can’t be perfect if we need to win games we need to show he won’t cry and leave our team cause they can’t win you need to be their we are family.

  23. Lets not turn into Philly fans… BUT he has been really bad lately and it’s time to bench him for a while. No use being stubborn about using him like Roberts is. Let him rest a bit and try to regroup.

  24. I live in Northern California surrounded by Giants fans. But I love the Dodgers. Like many fans, I stayed up into early Tuesday morning and watched the Dodgers lose.

    Its an obvious understatement to say that the Dodgers have been struggling as of late. And Dave Roberts has made some “interesting” decisions. As a fan, I understand our frustration. But Dodgers fans need to rally by supporting our boys in blue through this “slump.” Nothing is more humiliating to a team, and gratifying to the other teams, then to hear players booed on home turf. Do not give these other teams and their fans, including but not limited to the San Francisco Giants, the satisfaction of believing that Dodgers fans are “fair weather” and losing faith. That would be akin to validating that ridiculously-obnoxious, ” Beat LA!” chant.

    Keep moving forward and “GO DODGERS!!!!!”

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