One of the biggest complaints you’ll her from fans as of late has to do with the the lineup, more specifically the amount of playing time Curtis Granderson has gotten. Since coming to the Dodgers, Granderson has just ten hits in 83 at-bats, five of them being home runs.

Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Register asked Roberts about his lineup choices and this is what he had to say:

Roberts also stuck to his guns regarding Curtis Granderson and the amount of opportunities he has been given. Granted, Roberts will never say that he has lost all hope in Granderson, but he isn’t budging just yet.

Granderson’s 42 at-bats in the month of September lead all other Dodger outfielders not named Yasiel Puig or Chris Taylor. So why does Dave Roberts continue to play him?

Well, although he had a terrible start to the year, Curtis Granderson turned things around and had a batting average of .273 and .316 in the months of May and June, respectively. His OBP was also phenomenal, going from .174 in April, to .363 in May, and finally to a whopping .442 in June. Since July, however, his numbers have been dwindling.

So the potential is clearly there and in order for him to return to his June-self, he needs the playing time to work out his kinks. The problem is that the Dodgers will be in the postseason in just about three weeks and have yet to settle on a left fielder, specifically to face right-handed pitching if we assume the Kiké has the job versus lefties.

Listen to what else Dave Roberts had to say about the lineup and Curtis Granderson’s recent performance below:

It seems pretty safe to say that the Dave Roberts and the Dodgers are rooting for Granderson to fill that role, since he has received the most opportunities. Think about it like an investment. Every time the Dodgers choose to play a specific player in left field they are making a pretty heavy investment, considering the regular season is just about over. It seems like as of now, because of his track record, Dave Roberts and the Dodgers feel that Granderson is the smartest investment.

If I were you, I’d just sit back and enjoy these last three weeks for what they are: A tryout for who the Dodgers can rely on come October.

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