Dodgers: Dave Roberts is All For Fans Being Able to Watch Games From Cars

The Dodgers’ skipper is a big fan of the drive-in style of watching games.

Dodgers fans are really itching to get back to Chavez Ravine, and that’s completely understandable. While they may not be able to get into games, some fans have come up with a brand new idea for watching games.

The idea was thrown out by Dodgers fans all across social media and has only grown in conversation. So much so that the idea made it’s way all the way to Dave Roberts in his segment on the Sedano Show

The idea is that Dodgers fans be able to drive up to the stadium during games and watch games on the big screens from their cars live. Fans could honk their horns or whatever noise they want to make to celebrate, and maybe players would even be able to hear from inside. 

Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts loves the idea. 

I think that’s fantastic, I love it. I say get three or four big screens like a drive-in all around the ballpark…To get 30,000 people in cars, old school drive-in, I’m all about it. That’s great. 

In terms of social distancing, this certainly sounds like something that would be a possibility. But the Dodgers would likely have to provide some sort of security team to enforce that, so maybe it would be a little bit difficult to pull off. 

Major League Baseball will not allow fans into stadiums to start the season, though some teams have said that they are working towards allowing them. Teams like the Astros and Cubs have come out and said that they envision having their fans in the stands by the end of the year. 

What do you think, would you participate if the Dodgers offered something like this?

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  1. I would not drive all the way to the park, fight traffic,then sit in my car when I could watch the game at my house with friends.
    Would there be porta potties for all those people? Yuk! Would people be drinking? Getting pulled over as they left the stadium ?
    And idea!

  2. Questions to be answered like bathrooms and security to ensure fans stay in their cars. If they are going to charge for this stadiumette presentation, then I would hope it would be no more than to recoup cost to allow the event to proceed. Shouldn’t be more than $5 per car. Wouldn’t it be nice if some concessions stayed open so you could call in your order and they would bring it to you?

  3. I concur with Daniel. Also there would be a good possibility of fans getting excited and then getting out of their cars and not keeping the social distancing and conversing with the neighboring cars. Nope I’ll stay home and watch the games and be safe.

  4. Dumbest idea I’ve ever heard of.
    Who wants to pay to sit in your car and fight LA traffic to get there.
    Watching those overplayed millionaires on a large outdoor screen is not my idea of a good time.
    I’d rather listen to it on my radio or watch it on television if I even choose to follow baseball anymore
    I’m so disappointed in baseball that I don’t care if there’s a season or not

  5. Great out-of-the box thinking as a way to keep the fan experience in-play albeit from a distance, but not practical with expecting fans to adhere to requirements set forth for ensuring social distancing and other safety measures as determined by local officials. May all soon be a mute point as I believe MLB will scrap the season altogether.

  6. Once again Robert’s shows his inability to make good judgment calls. It would turn into a drunk and drugged out festival with ports potties. A drug dealers utopia. How many fights would break out ? Would families be safe at night? This is one of the stupidest ideas I’ve ever heard. I’m laughing at the thought that anyone would think this is a good idea especially with anarchy in the air.

  7. I posted about this a couple weeks back after attending a couple drive-ins. I have attended plenty of the local outdoor movie events around the county before and I attended the Garth Brooks drive in concert this past week, so I think this is doable at Chavez Ravine with some adjustments, Charge $50+ a car or truck, alternate space, bring in attendants and security. Lift the tailgate ban so people can eat and yes drink if desired. Add porta potties they can have “nice” ones. Bring in Food Trucks. It would be fun and I would totally go.