Dodgers: Dave Roberts Names Some Starting Pitching Probables for Series vs Cardinals

With the final Dodgers/Giants series in the books for 2021, and LA fans are left feeling, well, disappointed and exhausted. Walker Buehler had one of his toughest outings of the season and was pulled earlier than expected, leaving the bullpen to pick up the pieces in the loss.

Fortunately, today’s quick turnaround game will have Max Sherzer on the mound, rested and ready to go since, according to manager Dave Roberts, he traveled to St. Louis ahead of the team so that he could get situated before Monday’s early start.

But there are still 3 other games coming up against the Cardinals and a few question marks when it comes to scheduled starters for the Dodgers. Doc talked a bit about the rotation outlook and the “TBA’s” listed amongst the probable pitchers. 

He seemingly worked backward.

We don’t know who’s gonna start Tuesday and Wednesday. I think it’s Julio [Urias] on Thursday. I’m not sure about the other days, we don’t know. You look at Mitch White, he’s obviously gonna be in the mix on Tuesday.

It sounds as though at least one of the “TBA’s” will end up being a bullpen game, if not both, which is par for the course for the Dodgers in 2021. 


Ahead of the game on Monday, Doc mentioned right-hander Andre Jackson as someone on the taxi squad that is likely to pick up key innings on Wednesday.

Help on the Way

In positive updates, Clayton Kershaw will head out on a rehab start on Tuesday night and, if all goes well, could be activated as soon as next week when the Dodgers welcome the Diamondbacks to Dodger Stadium.

Tony Gonsolin came out of a rehab start at Low-A Rancho Cucamonga fine on Saturday night. 

While he’s not sure what his next step is, Roberts mentioned over the weekend that Tony could be activated soon. Possibly as soon as this weekend.

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Written by Selena Marquez


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  1. So where in this article does Dave Roberts name the starters against the Cardinals? C’mon, you can do better than put out a puff piece like this.

    • If you had taken the time to read the headline on the piece, it says “SOME starting pitching probables”. If you read the article, then you would have discovered that the author mentioned that Max was a sure thing for Monday, and that M White and A Jackson are the ‘principle pitchers’ for Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. C’mon, Jerry! You know that you can do better than this!


      • Fred, could not agree more. I have been a Dodger fan my whole life (since Brooklyn), but if Beaty is on another team next year, I hope he ends up with a National League team and comes back to haunt the Dodgers. Roberts would not allow him the opportunity he deserved. Of course a much better solution would be for the FO to wake the hell up and move Roberts out.

    • Happy Labor Day Kirk. I’m sickof Robert’s act, I’m sick of Bellinger’s act. Not much else to say how poorly Dodgers looked against the Giants all year. I’m also sure ya saw how Giants used the small ball to win yesterday as well as all the extra base hits they got off Buehler. I hate to say it but Dodgers showed why they arevin 2nd while Giants remain on top of division. It looks like Roberts will practice his act of insanity and keep Bellinger in the lineup no matter what he does or doesn’t do SMH.

      • Must agree with you Paul, Roberts needs to go. Can not believe the FO/Ownership doesn’t see his ineptitude. May they should follow some of our comments, they might learn something. On Cody, he is well beyond useless. A-Rod made some pointed comments during the ESPN broadcast last night about his swinging to hit everything into McCovey Cove instead of staying on a pitch and hitting a nice line drive into left center. The one ball he hit to the left side last night was a squibbler that he couldn’t have beat out if he had a gun to his head – PRETTY HARD TO RUN WHEN YOU ARE ON YOUR KNEES! He just doesn’t get it. On the small ball thing, I don’t think they are incapable of doing it, they just appear to believe that the home run cures all ills. Well guess what, not so much. It is really and has been all year watching them leave a runner at third base with less than two outs. When was the last time they tried to squeeze?

        • The Giants had 2 bunt hits down the 3rd base line to beat that shift. Dodgers have a total of 3 bunt hits all year. Bellinger is as stubborn or even more so than a mule His swing and approach remain un changed and I see no improvement in site with him for rest of this year anyway. All I can hope for is that he does sit against the 2 LHP the Cards will throw in 2 of these games.

          • Bellinger is the poster-boy for stubborn. Awful results just don’t seen to bring about any adjustments. Why change if he still get PT? He should have been sent down months ago.

      • Definitely my thoughts, Paul. They have been playing like a second-place-underachieving team all season, and it showed again yesterday, like an Evil Giant raising it’s ugly head in this inexcusable loss. What we’ve seen so far is “Great Pitching, Pathetic Hitting, then “Great Hiiting, Pathetic Pitching.” This may go down as one of the most painful Doger seasons, ever, given what was predicted and expected. And, sorry, I just don’t buy into the “injuries have been the problem” excuse – way too much talent on this team for that old cop-out. Anybody miss Joc or Kiki with the way Bellinger and McKinstry have hit?

        • RichardH, correct and Joc, Kike I’m sure are missed, given what we’ve seen with Bellinger and McKinney and those minor leaguers that were of no use to this team at all. I said before this year began that Dodger offense would not be as good as last year’s and mostly because this year, no DH. And yes having a DH last year saved Roberts from having to struggle with in game management as he has this year. Another thing is if Dodgers had a DH this year, at the very least the team could sort of hide Bellinger’s struggle to a certain extent.

          • Instead of hiding Bellinger we could just use Beaty as the LH DH and forget about Belli. I would put my money on Beaty getting four or five AB’s a night producing over Bell not producing. And for those complaining about his defense, doesn’t matter if he is the DH and we would most likely be in a much better off. A say this in all honesty because I do not want to see anyone get injured, but if Belli pulled a hami it would not break my heart. He needs to get healthy and work his butt off this off season and if he carries his stupidity into next season, they are going to have to at least think if trading him, though his value would not exactly be too high. Sometimes you just have to cut bait and move on.

  2. This is a big series against the home team fighting for a wild card spot while the Giants play against
    a Colorado team no longer playing for anything but pride. Roberts should be pitching ready for games 2and3 with a PLAN in SL. Go Blue!!!

  3. Don’t look now but Roberts has Bellinger batting 7th in today’s lineup. Barnes should be batting 7th not Cody. At least Barnes will contribute a little, as he’s shown but Bellinger will be his usual zero.

    • And shockingly enough he’s hitless in 3 AB’s. Sad thing is, if and when he accidentally gets another hit, the genius that is Dave will see that as an indication he’s coming out of his two year doldrums and move him up in the lineup against everyone for the rest of the year. They both need to be shipped out regardless how this year plays out

  4. What a bunch of whiney morons! Roberts, who makes puzzling decisions al the time, has won (what is it?) eight division championships in a row, and we’re supposed to believe these idiot that they know better than he does, how to manage this team successfully. I believe they under value day-to-day familiarity with the team and years of actual experience, while over valuing their own lame opinions! Seems like we recently had a president like that!

    • It was ALL because of Roberts?

      The players had nothing to do with it.

      Your political views seem to be just as moronic.

    • yup – you’ve come to the place where cynical Dodger fans hate on doc, Belli, and Belli and doc. everyone else gets a pass. lol

      not a lot of baseball knowledge amongst these folks. so sift thru the chaff and occasionally we’ll talk about real baseball stuff, and not piling on.

  5. Dodgers have great talent but manager Roberts has no idea how to manage and hitting coach worthless. Fortunately pitching is good and excuses for run production is just that worthless excuses

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