Dodgers: Dave Roberts Not Second Guessing His Big Extra Innings Decision

The second game of the three game series between the Dodgers and Padres came down to extra innings. I mean, is it all that surprising that a Dodgers-Padres game had a thrilling finish? Unfortunately for Roberts and his team, they were on the wrong end of a walk off.

In the bottom of the tenth inning with the score tied 2-2, Austin Nola plated the winning run on a sacrifice fly. What set up that moment was the Dodgers getting doubled up in a fruitless top of the tenth.

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In an interesting decision, the Dodgers decided to have Chris Taylor try to advance to third on a routine fly out to Jurickson Profar. Profar gunned down Taylor with a great throw to third to record his second outfield assist in as many games. After the game, Roberts spoke about sending Taylor (quote via The Athletic’s Fabian Ardaya).

“It was a good baseball play. He [Taylor] felt that it was deep enough and then when you get a guy going back and catching it on his back leg, he’s got to make a perfect throw. You got to give Profar credit, he made a perfect throw.”

The decision will naturally rekindle the almost daily tradition of Dodgers fans criticizing Roberts. It’s just the circle of life for Doc. For better, or for worse. 

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  1. The only gain is another sacrifice fly or safety squeeze before 2 outs or wild pitch/passed ball. The real lesson learned is that more and more fielders are blocking the bags with their legs. He would have scored or scared Machado cleats first.

  2. “…The decision will naturally rekindle the almost daily tradition of Dodgers fans criticizing Roberts. It’s just the circle of life for Doc. For better, or for worse.”

    That’s right, he’s a clown — not a manager. Absolutely clueless.

    • The padres have a smart manager who plays the odds. Bunt runner to third then try to advance on fly ball. 90 extra feet for the ball to travel to get the runner. Roberts does not have a clue as to how to manufacture runs. Thats one reason his winning % of overtime games stinks.

      • You need a player that can bunt. They’re in short supply nowadays. Roberts could have PH either Barnes (burning his only catcher on the bench) or Kershaw (who probably wasn’t even there because he’s starting today). Pretty easy to manage from the couch.

  3. Each year every team has “pathetic” games. Saturday night was one of those for the Dodgers. There were several instances that could have changed the outcome of the game. One only hopes that the Dodgers will keep those “pathetic” games to a minimum. There is one concern; the Dodgers record in extra inning games is not very good — actually bad.

  4. roberts manages the postseason just like the regular season. hes so dumb. he thought it was okay. that profar had to make a perfect throw. what a total idiot. in that situation , tenth inning , game on the line, tie score, youre already in scoring position. sure , being on third is best. but under almost no circumstances do you attempt to take third on a fly ball unless its a lock youre going to make it to third base. it depends. but dave cant read the situations with any sense of clarity. he doesnt know what hes doing. but his errors get amplified in the postseasons where a manager needs the skillset to navigate with more precision.

  5. Mike, did you see what Buehler did last night? Buehler just set the tone for how the Dodgers can completely turn the Post season flops around. Like you say Dr Dave is clueless when the lights shine brighter, the team just needs to ignore him like Buehler did last night. The writers here appear to be afraid to write a true story because Buehler flat out told Dr dave ” I’m NOT coming out of this game!” There is Hope!