Dodgers Dave Roberts: ‘Other Teams Should be Worried About Us’

There are two games left to play in the regular season before the Dodgers can play meaningful games once again. Even with only two games remaining, and LA having locked up the NL West and the number one seed throughout the playoffs, the club still has no idea who they’ll be matching up against in the new three-game Wild Card round starting on Wednesday.

The Dodgers could end up facing either the hated Giants, the Reds, Brewers, Phillies, or even the Cardinals. Each team presents its own set of challenges for the boys in blue, but Dave Roberts says the Dodgers shouldn’t be worried about who they face. In fact, it’s the other way around.

“I think that we all get caught up in looking at scenarios of who we potentially could play, not play,” Roberts said on a recent episode of the Off Air with Joe and Orel. “and I just want to make it clear to our guys that everyone’s worried about playing us.”

That’s a damn good way to put it, Dave. 

Sure the Giants have given the Dodgers some fits this season, and LA hasn’t even seen any of the other teams in the regional-bases 60 game schedule, but that all shouldn’t and doesn’t matter to Doc. The Dodgers are the best team in baseball and that’s the mindset Roberts wants his guys to have heading into this crucial October run.

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The MLB Wild Card series begins Tuesday, September 29. Los Angeles (1 seed) would host the 8th overall seed in the National League at Dodger Stadium on Wednesday, September 30. The series is a best-of-three format with the higher seed serving as the home team for all three games. 

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  1. Smh always trying to stick your foot in your mouf and rile up your opponent been doing that since 2013. The Dodgers have a knack for making too many things public, its ok to think these things and share it with your guys but to say it to the media is stupid