Dodgers: Dave Roberts ‘Would Be Very Disgruntled’ if Coaches’ Families Are Not Allowed in the Playoff Bubble

MLB might be making life even more difficult on coaches and staff members.

The Dodgers are a lock for making the playoffs. The only question at this point seems to be what seed they will be playing as come October(or end of September this year). Much like the rest of 2020 though, the playoffs will be much different this season.

One of the biggest questions at this point seems to be with the concept of the bubble. It’s not yet clear how MLB plans on going forward with allowing guests for players. With the Dodgers set to head to Texas for the postseason, it would seem unfair to not let family members go with them. That’s not really where the problem lies at the moment though. 

There is a possibility at this point that Dodgers coaches and staff members may not be allowed to have their families with them this postseason. The players will likely be allowed to have them, but the league has not approved a plan for the coaches. Dave Roberts talked about that possibility and how disappointed he would be if that truly is the plan moving forward. 

We’re still trying to get clarity. I’ve heard rumblings that the players can have their families but have the potential option to stay at home if they get approved by the league and the team which would sort of constituting a bubble. I think the staff and coaches won’t have their families with them in the bubble, so if that’s the case I would be very disgruntled.

Dodgers coaches and staff members have already been without their families all year. First base coach George Lombard has already talked about being away from his family since the season came together. Keeping them away for potentially another full month just seems unfair. 

Guys haven’t had their family with them the whole year, and the sacrifices the coaches make with the players and we consider each other family. To be separated because coaches can’t have their own union…there’s a lot to it and I don’t want to speak intelligently on it, but I do know that if we have our whole hotel to ourselves as the DOdgers then I would expect our staff and their families to be in the same bubble as the players and their families. 

The NBA instituted a guest policy for their playoff bubble for the final two rounds of their postseason. Players are allowed up to four guests, though there is nothing in place for coaches and staff. If the Dodgers’ coaches are forced to be away from their families again, it would be pretty disappointing. 

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