Dodgers: David Price Has a Hilarious Reason For Not Wearing Number 18

When the Dodgers traded for David Price and Mookie Betts this past February, their jersey number was the last thing on everyone’s minds. Fans were undoubtedly more focused on what the duo could potentially bring to Los Angeles rather than the number on their back. 

On a Zoom call for fans on Monday night, one fan asked if there was another number other than 33 that Price wanted to wear. The answer from the Dodgers’ starting pitcher was sort of hilarious and only made us cry a little bit. 

Price has worn number 14 with the Rays, Tigers, and Blue Jays. He also wore number 24 and number 10 in his time with the Red Sox. But when he came over to the Dodgers, number 18 was on his mind. That was until he realized the implications that could be made about that number choice. 

The Red Sox took down the Dodgers pretty easily in the 2018 World Series, and David Price was close to untouchable in those 13.2 innings he pitched against Los Angeles. Apparently, he didn’t want fans in Los Angeles to think that he was taking a shot at them and rubbing it in our faces. We appreciate the thought, David. 

Price ended up choosing number 33 with the Dodgers, honoring former teammates James Shields. But the fact that he took the time to truly think about the Los Angeles’ fanbase and how they might have perceived his number choice is very much appreciated. 

Price made three appearances against the Dodgers in the 2018 World Series, starting two games. He tossed 13.2 innings and allowed just three earned runs while striking out ten. 

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