Dodgers: David Price Talks About Donations Made to Minor Leaguers

Before he has even thrown a meaningful inning, David Price has already won over the hearts of Dodgers fans. The former Cy Young winner made sure that minor league players in the farm system were taken care of, committing $1000 to each player not on the 40-man roster. This extra pay will help players make it through in addition to their $400 a week stipend from the team.

David Price made an appearance on Ross Stripling’s podcast The Big Swing this week and talked about the process of getting players paid. The Dodgers’ pitcher alongside co-host Cooper Surles talked to David about the generous act and how it came to be. 

I just want to help take care of that next generation of baseball. I never even thought about the fact that I never played a game for the Dodgers or any of that stuff. It never even crossed my mind…I told my agent what I wanted to do, and he went to Andrew [Friedman] and they have a very good relationship and talked about how they could work it all out, and just the timing of it of when it happened from when we first discussed it, I think that was all just kind of a blessing. Because they started talking about how the minor league season might not be played, they were talking about cutting a lot of minor league kids in general. That was tough to see…

The motivation for Price to make sure the Dodgers’ minor league players were taken care of was very heartwarming. Hearing how Price knew that the minor league season was likely going to be called off and acted on it is incredibly generous. Price also tried to keep it hidden from the public, but word of generosity like this gets around quickly. 

I got text messages from people I don’t usually get text messages from telling me they were proud of what I did and I was like ‘What are you talking about where did you hear this from?’ 

While we appreciate the effort to keep it as something personal, Dodgers fans everywhere are incredibly thankful for this generosity. David Price will have plenty of fans in Los Angeles long after his playing days are over. 

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