Dodgers: Does Enrique Hernandez Qualify as a LA Legend? Fans React

It’s official. In a move many saw as imminent since the team celebrated their World Series victory at Globe Life Field back in October, Kiké Hernández is moving on to “greener” (read: $$$) pastures, signing a two-year deal with the Boston Red Sox. Ultimately, players have to do what is best financially to secure a future for themselves and their families after their playing career is over, and I personally think Kiké has done the smart thing here in giving himself the best opportunity to become the everyday player he never could be with the stacked Dodgers.

Kiké leaves behind a legacy, certainly, after seven memorable seasons with the club, with his antics on and off the field. Personally speaking, his 3-HR performance at Wrigley Field during the 2017 NLCS, which sent his Dodgers to their first World Series in 29 years, is one of my fondest memories as a Dodgers fan. It was a magical night for many reasons and will forever stay in Dodgers lore:

Anyone who may have felt that Kiké lacked the necessary level of competitiveness in recent years, after never quite making it as a regular player, need only replay his home run to tie up Game 7 of the NLCS. It was by far the most emotional, intense dugout reaction I’d seen from anyone wearing a Dodgers uniform. It was stirring, and it proved without a doubt that Kiké WANTED this, in what was to be one of his last games in a Dodgers uniform. Cody Bellinger rightfully gets much of the attention for his go-ahead blast later that game, but this moment to me felt like the turning point:

So yes, the always fun Enrique Hernandez recorded some legendary moments in Dodger postseason history in his 7 year run, but has he earned the right to be considered a Dodgers Legend?

We asked fans online for their thoughts on this. And, just as social media opinions of Kiké during his tenure with the team were often polarizing, your answers to our question varied between both ends of the spectrum.

A memorable character indeed, but bestowing the word legend, in an organization with such a rich history of “true” legends may be what’s keeping many fans hesitant, for it is not a word to be thrown around lightly. This doesn’t mean he isn’t loved by many and will be missed:

Some of you have no issue with bestowing the term Legend, largely due to this aforementioned postseason heroics, which no doubt speak for themselves.

The qualities that make him stand out as one of the more unique characters in baseball will be fondly remembered, and also qualify him as a legend in the minds of some:

And one last but not unimportant thing…never forget his ownership of Mad Bum:

Thanks for the memories and for the World Championship, Keeks. You will be missed.

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  1. We all appreciate Kiké. Unfortunately with the Luxury Tax in baseball its difficult to justify big contracts to platoon players. Kiké never demonstrated his ability to hit from both sides of the plate. He may show that ability in Boston and with the Green Monster and his power he should have great years there. Wish him well. But not against the Dodgers!

  2. We don’t need to elevate everyone to the status of legend. If we did, the term wouldn’t mean anything. Kike is a gamer. He plays any position you ask him to play because he wants to play. You gotta like someone like that. Is Justin Turner a legend? He was a utility guy until he quickly settled into 3B full time. He has provided a lot more big moments over a longer period of time than Kike. I don’t know if you call him a legend, but he certainly has been critical to the Dodgers success since the time he arrived. He needs to be re-signed.

  3. I agree Kike is a total gamer. Although I would not call him a legend, Kike managed to come through heroically post season. He also brought light moments of fun to our Dodgers’ games throughout the regular season which was entertaining to watch. I, too, wish Kike the best of luck with the Red Sox (as long as its not against the Dodgers.)

  4. Agree that that 3hr performance gave me goose bumps (still does)…but legendary status? Only like ‘Sweet Lou”…not for his career but for select unforgettable moments.

  5. I don’t think you can put Kike in the same category as Koufax, Drysdale, Campanella and others. But will he be missed? Do I wish one of my favorites was still wearing Blue? HELL YES!!!!

  6. Legend? Are you serious? Look up what a legend is. Kike doesn’t even come close. Don’t insult real Dodger legends by asking such a stupid question. Give me a break!