Dodgers: Don’t Expect A Contract Extension For Trea Turner Soon

This seems…odd.

When the Dodgers trade for Trea Turner last year, it was seemingly an indication that they were prepared if Corey Seager left via free agency. It sent a message that if he did leave, they had their shortstop of the future-ready to go. A long-term extension was certainly at the front of everyone’s mind. 

But Seager did end up leaving, taking a massive deal to play for the Texas Rangers. That extension for Trea from the Dodgers never came though, and we’re still very much waiting on that. Turner talked about his willingness to discuss an extension this Spring, giving fans hope that a deal might be in the works. 

But Opening Day has passed, and still no extension for Turner. The Athletic’s Fabian Ardaya writes that Dodgers fans maybe shouldn’t be expecting one soon, given that the team reportedly told him there would be no offer before the season. 

“The 28-year-old expressed a willingness to discuss a contract extension with the club this spring after the Dodgers reached out prior to the lockout to broadly discuss the subject. Those talks didn’t come to fruition; Turner said Friday the Dodgers’ brass approached him in recent days to tell him no extension offer was coming before the season, all but securing he will hit free agency this winter — potentially as the top available shortstop.”

If the Dodgers told him that there would not be an offer before the season, that could spell trouble for any deal. Why wait until the middle or end of the season before taking the chance to lock him down to a long-term deal now? It’s still certainly a possibility, but it just became that much smaller. 

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Turner is an elite talent, an MVP-level shortstop. The Dodgers just signed Freddie Freeman to a massive deal and they have Mookie Betts in Los Angeles for a very long time. Do you think that Trea will be the next guy in line? Drop into the comments and let us know. 

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  1. Friedbrain and Roberts the clown. They should be committed to a sanitarium for life, instead their making management decisions for a top major league ballclub.

    • What makes you think that Doc had something to do with it? Yeah, he tells everyone “uh, no on T.T.” And when have the Dodgers been cheap about signing great players to a great contracts? There was a lockout, it messed up everything, no communication for months. If he likes it here, if his family likes it, he likes his team and makes enough money, why wouldn’t he stay? Why wouldn’t Dodgers want him to stay? Cory is gone and he’s going to be a Dodger for a long time. Take a breath and see how this plays out. I wish you’d stop the Dave bashing.

  2. They really should sign him. He fills a glaring hole in the offense –a high contact, high average bat. Adding Freeman’s high contact bat really helps that area too but keeping Turner helps the Dodger’s retain an extremely difficult line-up for opposition pitchers.

  3. I don’t expect one until Trevor Bauer situation is resolved, either with Bauer or another starter to be named later. They need to have a handle on salaries going forward to begin negotiations.

  4. The one Dodger, that most of us fans love to watch, might just walk out of L.A. I would have taken him ahead of Freeman. We have Muncy, a All-Star first man.Didn’t really need to go get Freeman. I hope Friedman isn’t thinking Bellinger or Lux will help take us back to the promise land!

  5. The staring pitching payroll for 23 and beyond may increase either by Bauer’s situation or if they trade for starter help down the road. Dodgers can wait until just after trade deadline to exclusively negotiate a 5 or 6 year offer with options for both sides the last year or two with TT’s agent. It makes sense.

  6. Buehler or Trea? Both will want Seager money so you have to choose. If they intended to spend that kind of money, they would have kept Seager. Instead of signing Turner, they’ll look at Lux hoping he can at least hold the position until Leonard is ready while Vargas replaces the bat.
    The Dodgers have reached the point where they’ve lost all the payroll flexibility necessary to sustain winning because their young stars have aged out and need to get paid. Why do you think they haven’t signed pitchers? Look for Bellinger, Urias (both Boras clients) and Trea to move on while the team gets younger with next crop of Vargas, Busch and all the young arms. Only Buehler will get paid big.

    • BUM agree…they are not paying Trae…period…they thought Seager would give a hometown discount…they tied up the money in the horrible Bauer deal…doubt they will pay Walker either

  7. Yeah, I don’t understand. Why wait till his a free agent. Having a 50 % chance he can sign elsewhere. Give him an extension now, he’s a great 5 tool player all around.

  8. Dodgers offense looks totally lost!!!, too many free swinging pre modonas , Too many want to be chiefs, and not enough Indians, & little Robert’s very questionable on knowing how manage over paid personalities, also some players look out of shape and condition, including pitching!!!!

  9. New angle on this, the Lerner family announced yesterday they are interested in selling the Nationals. Jeff Bezos has who owns the Washington Post and has stated that he is interested in purchasing the DC NFL franchise, and has had previous interest as an MLB owner has a few dollars available. 750 billion after his divorce settlement is funding quite a midlife spending spree. Personal space rocketry, media outlets, professional sports owner would fit right in. He could literally pickup all the salaries in the league not take any revenues and still increase his net worth every year. He goes to quite a few games, may want to get Trea back over, and lock up Soto over lunch. Hell, he might bring Friedman with them.

  10. Mookie, Freddie, Walker and Trea to long term expensive contracts…don’t think we give up that much payroll flexibility. Probably, why we haven’t traded Lux and we do have a ton of good looking pitching in the minors. If getting Bauer back allows us to keep Pepiot, Miller, Better, et al. I’ll take it.