Dodgers Don’t Seem to Be on the Same Page With David Price

The Dodgers are getting some help back in their bullpen that they need. Caleb Ferguson made his long-awaited return to the mound on Monday night after undergoing Tommy John surgery in 2020. Immediately after that, he was optioned to Triple-A to make room for fresh arms. 

And while Ferguson will be back in a relief role, it’s not nearly as defined for David Price. He went onto the COVID injured list but has apparently been traveling with the team since Pittsburgh. But the Dodgers did not activate him, choosing instead to carry him along on the tax squad. 

When asked about Price on Monday, Dave Roberts said that he would be activated for game 2 of the doubleheader. He also added that the next logical step for him was to come out of the bullpen. The Dodgers sound like they have no intention of getting him starts again. 

“David’s been down for close to three weeks. To take down two innings, I think, is a tall ask. So I think it’s just going to be getting his feet back under him and pitching.”

But Price himself didn’t seem to know what was happening. When asked about his availability this week, he just added that he’s been ready and waiting. He also said to ask Doc or Andrew Friedman about when his next appearance would be. 

It might be nothing, but Price’s response certainly doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in the relationship. Especially after rumors came out about the Dodgers being willing to trade him away so that he can start somewhere else. 

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Dodgers: Caleb Ferguson Battles Nerves in His Long-Awaited Return from Injury

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  1. They’ve never let the guy pitch since he opted out of 2020. Whenever they’ve put him in, he’s done fine. Not sure why they start a guy like Grove when they have an ex cy young getting paid 32M doing nothing, but if they don’t want to give him a chance, they should move on from him.

  2. Price will surprise you. David has a WS Ring with Boston and is smart (Vandy) academic scholarship and Friday night starter and knows how to pitch. Former CY young award winner. The Dodgers need help. He is the logical choice. Oh by the way, great game yesteday against Arizona, sporting a 1.50 ERA for the season with 8 K’s in 6 innings. Do your research.

  3. The help the Dodgers need is a bonafide stud pitcher that they are sooooooooo Morally unable to let pitch. But they love race baiting org’s. So Morally genuine , by cutting a pitcher who is signed, who is EVERYTHING they need, proven innicent, but refuse to let him help them win. This alone is the reason they will tank again. Then throw in the Dr of clownism and another wasted season. The should have been dynasty thrown out the window.