Dodgers Drop In ESPN’s Power Rankings, Remain Steady in MLB’s

The Dodgers moved down in ESPN’s power rankings, but remained 2nd in’s.

The Dodgers have flat-out been one of the very best teams in baseball this season. Through 53 games, they have accumulated 35 wins and lead the National League West by 7 games over the Padres and Diamondbacks. They have also put up a run-differential of +79 which is best in the National League.

ESPN Power Rankings

And yet, for the second straight week, ESPN has dropped the Dodgers down in baseball’s power rankings. Los Angeles slid back to number 3, giving way to the streaking Minnesota Twins who jumped all the way up from number 5. And to be honest, they probably deserve that jump.

The Dodgers went a respectable 4-1 from Monday to Sunday of this past week. Two off days in a single week is going to make the power rankings a little difficult to place you, regardless of how well a team performs. The Dodgers scored 36 runs in just 5 games, all of which were on the road.

The Twins, on the other hand, absolutely dominated en route to a 6-0 record for the week. They tore through the Angels, piling up 27 runs in three games, including an 8 home run game. They then took it to the White Sox, pouring on 26 runs in a three-game sweep. Rankings

Interestingly enough, the Dodgers held steady at second in Major League Baseball’s official power rankings.  That ranking systems has the Yankees in at number 3 and the Twins at number 4. In both rankings, the Astros reign at number 1 overall. Houston is 35-19 and tearing through the American League West.

Looking Ahead

The Dodgers will face one of their biggest challenges of the season this week, as they square off against some of the best members of the Met’s pitching staff. Los Angeles drew reigning Cy Young Award winner Jacob deGrom in game one tonight.

Written by Brook Smith

Brook is the Senior Editor of Dodgers Nation, with several years of experience in sports journalism. He is an avid Dodgers and Lakers fan, and can be spotted fairly often at Dodger Stadium and Staples Center.


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  1. What is up with Joe KELLY? Comes of the DL An gives up runs to the Mets. Rumor is he will not listen to Mr Honey. We all know Mr Honey can fix anyone who listens and takes his advice. I sure hope JK starts getting on track cuz WE NEED OUR BP TO STEP UP AN CLOSE THESE GAMES OUT. We cannot expect to score 8 runs a game!

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