Dodgers: Evaluating the Trade Value of Joc Pederson

Joc Pederson could be the biggest piece moved at this year’s trade deadline.

The Dodgers are in the hunt for some big fish this trade deadline season as it appears they want to bring a top-tier reliever or two to the back-end of the bullpen. The organization has many strengths, with one sticking out above the rest: depth. With an outfield logjam and a top of the line farm system, the ease of making a trade is apparent.

After two years of disappointing World Series losses, it is no secret that the Dodgers need to make a move and it is entirely obvious which facet of their game needs to improve: the bullpen.

This is why Joc Pederson may prove valuable as a trade chip this July.

Joc is a great player when he is ‘on’. He possesses some big-time power and is no stranger to producing in key moments in the playoffs. However, the pieces he could bring in as a trade headliner are worth paying attention to.

A team like the Miami Marlins, Chicago White Sox, or any other team with so-so attendance could use a power bat like that of Joc Pederson, simply to fill the seats. He also happens to be a former All-Star and has an .848 OPS in 2018 and 2019 combined. That will strengthen any ball club, but at the end of the day, he is just a platoon player for the Dodgers, on a team that has three outfielders who deserve everyday playing time in Alex Verdugo, AJ Pollock, and Cody Bellinger. Joc’s value to say, the Cleveland Indians, is a lot higher than what the Dodgers view Pederson as. This is why the following deals could come into fruition:

Tigers Trade: LHP Matthew Boyd

Dodgers Trade: OF Joc Pederson, IF Jeter Downs (#7 prospect according to Fangraphs)

The Dodgers do not necessarily need a starting pitcher at the moment, especially because the asking price on a controllable guy like Boyd may be too high. In this proposed deal, Joc Pederson, a legit major league bat would be heading to Detroit for someone who has been nothing short of awful prior to his breakout campaign this year. A 3.00 DRA is the mark of an ace and mixed in with a controllable contract, this could get it done. Downs, acquired by the Dodgers in the Yasiel Puig trade, has excelled so far in the Dodgers organization. An added tertiary piece may get this type of deal done. Add in a guy like DJ Peters or someone of that caliber and you might be able to score a reliever like Shane Greene, as well.

Indians Trade: RHP Trevor Bauer

Dodgers Trade: OF Joc Pederson, RHP Tony Gonsolin (#6), C Keibert Ruiz (#1)

This proposed deal is interesting…in a good way. The framework is really solid on a deal like this, but this would be giving up far too much, in my opinion. A major league ready starter like Gonsolin, an elite platoon player in Joc, and a top-tier prospect in Ruiz is steep for a guy like Trevor Bauer. Bauer is also a far cry in 2019 from what he was in 2018. Bauer posted an elite 2.48 DRA in 2018, but has not enjoyed the same success, posting a 4.82 DRA this season. A framework with potentially just Joc Pederson, Tony Gonsolin, and a wild card like Kyle Garlick or Edwin Rios could get a deal like this done considering he is under contract for next year as well.

Indians Trade: LHP Brad Hand

Dodgers Trade: OF Joc Pederson, #10-20 ranked prospect according to Fangraphs

I like this one. I like this one a lot, actually. Do I think the Indians will ask for more in exchange for Hand? Yes. However, this proposal is not far off-base. Joc as a headliner with a upper-tier prospect (Gonsolin) and a guy like Omar Estevez would be a solid trade for the Dodgers. The Dodgers need to win now and this trade recognizes that.


What are your trades? Let’s hear them in the comments!

Written by Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


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  1. They need to trade someone from major league roster can’t play them all. I like the idea of adding a top starter with no injury history. Rich hill may come back and be good or may not. Definitely need bullpen help. Let’s do joc, Ruiz, goslin, Kiki, Rios, and couple Aa prospects for hand and Bauer! Wouldn’t mind seeing a upgrade at 2nd. We don’t need to be depending on max at 2nd. Put him at 1st. Everyday.

    • Too much given up in your proposed deal.especially since Bauer is not the pitcher now he may have been last year. Not sure Dodgers would part with Kiki, if for no ther reasons than he is great defensively wherever he plays and he’ one of the few RH bats we have on the roster.

    • Bauer is not a good personality for a team with championship aspirations plus the Asstros dominate him

  2. Trading Joc that’s just garbage. Joc is our guy. Trade some minor league prospects for a descent bullpen pitcher and that’s it. We can take this WS with our team as it is. LA BLEEDS BLUE. ITFDB!!!!!!!

    • Robert, most here may not quite agree with you fully on the ream winning a WS with what is in the BP. But let’s not forget that in addition to a great BP, the team has to put the ball in play more and be a bit better offensively too in the WS.

  3. Repeat after me the Dodgers do not need starting pitching. Jeez.

    They do need Bullpen help. However, if you listen carefully to what Dodger Management is saying we may not see a trade. The Dodgers like Kelly’s last two months of work. Chargois is back and Alexander will be back later this year. Baez has been very good and Garcia has been erratic. They do not have a dominant miss bats left-handed reliever. They are using Urias but cannot bring him out every day as they are watching his arm strength and wear this year. Proving the point they are using Rosscup who is mediocre at best for a left-handed reliever.

    On the idea that you must trade value for value, I like the idea of trading Pederson. Verdugo has great splits and is a much better defensive outfielder. I think next year the Dodgers will field an infield of Bellinger, Muncy, Seager, Turner, and Smith and it will be one of the most potent infields in the league.

    They might be able to get Velasquez from the Pirates if they gave up Pederson and a couple of Farm guys that are probably blocked. I think they should trade Lux as he would be a high-value guy and is blocked by Muncy. Velasquez has several years on his contract.

    • “Velasquez from the Pirates”……people keep saying this….according to the Pirates GM this guy is not available……….

    • No. Lux to 2nd base next year. Muncy to 1st, Belly in RF. Joc probably ought to be traded and CT3 will walk when he can to get an every day job. He’s clearly better when he gets regular at bats.

    • The Dodgers DO NOT NEED Alexander. He is GARBAGE. The same goes for this BUM,
      Garcia. I’m still of the opinion that URIAS should be in the starting rotation. I wouldn’t count on the 38 year old lefty—— TOO FRAGILE

      • What trade Joc? That shouldn’t even be in the question! This guy is one our leaders. If u trade Joc you will be breaking up a big piece of the team. I agree 100% that we need a killer reliever or two but not for the price of blood. I don’t agree with us having to trade Joc. I would rather give up Pollock or even Taylor and some of our newer up and coming guys. But if u trade Joc that will be our World Series going down the drain again this year.

    • Hello tmaxter. I am of the belief that they will keep Bellinger in RF next year as well. He’s been great out there and a roster move or 2 would be made to ease up the OF log jam.

    • They certainly DO need starting pitching. Rich Hill is ancient and may never come back. Stripling and Maeda are average and .500 pitchers at best. Anybody but Bauer who is a certifiable nut job.

  4. First off, if you trade Joc, you dont need to move Belli to 1B. Muncy plays first, and Lux is your second baseman. He is a top prospect. Friedman does not trade those often.

  5. It’s a tough spot for Dodgers because you don’t want to mess with team chemistry. I know it may sound silly, but it is more important than one might think. With that being said, Cleveland is in the thick of the wild card. They would need to be overwhelmed by more than a platoon outfielder as the center piece for Hand, especially with it being a seller’s market on relievers. It would have to be an “offer they can’t refuse”. It is not in the nature of the current Dodger front office to buy that high on relievers. They are probably still smarting from the Yordany Alvarez – Josh Fields swap.

      • Second baseman is needed. Enough of this ‘shuffle the cards and roll the dice’ to see who plays second base for the game.

  6. Indians are a 1/2 game out of WC spot. As we have seen in the past, anything can happen in the playoffs, just get in. Are they really going to weaken their chances by trading Hand? All but about 8 or 9 teams are within 5 games of a playoff spot. Should be a very interesting trade deadline week.

  7. Taylor, Peterson, Hernandez , Lux for for Hand and Bauer. Taylor , Peterson & Hernandez all want to play everyday here is their chance. Dodgers get starter Bauer, move Maeda and Hand to shore up bullpen. Can be done.

  8. Trade pollock,Alexander and floro for a decent setup man and at same time get rid of their contracts and with money saved give Belinger,joc,corey,verdugo and urias a big raise he’ll even just get prospects but get them out of LA we don’t need them or setup men Kent’s will be our setup man in postseason

  9. Here is a great idea. Rather than trade the players that helped get the Dodgers to where they are, trade Kike Hernandez, Austin Barnes, A.J. Polluck, and Kenley Jansen. You can even throw in Chris Taylor. The first 4 are only hitting .220 or worse and need to be upgraded for better talent, which we have plenty of in our farm system. Then Dave Roberts needs to learn how to set a starting lineup with a proper batting order. There is no way Verdugo shouldn’t be leading off. Seager 2nd, Turner 3rd, Bellinger 4th, Muncy 5th, Peterson 6th, Will Smith 7th, call up Gavin Lux and have him move to 2nd base and hit 8th, and the pitcher 9th. Roberts doesn’t know how to manage properly and he is going to lose in the playoffs again this year because of it.

  10. No trade involving Joc. Release either catcher or send Barnes down to work on hitting bring up Will Smith Release both Kelly and Alexander unless they have a trade value. Keep Caleb Ferguson in triple A to perfect his skills Look to the triple A or other of your farm teams for bullpen personnel. Unless you can establish trade value on Kelly or Alexander No trades utilize young people in your organization

    • Can’t just release a player we paid 10’s of millions of dollars to sign this year. ( Kelly ) I knew that was a bad move, historically avg. Player at best. And my ex’s name! Don’t worry we have a history lately of not trading younsters

  11. You can’t trade him it would ruin the team. It’s unfortunate that he happens to be the best one to trade

  12. Why do you address acquiring starting pitchers? We DO NOT NEED more of them. We need a reliever who can add value to our bullpen. Trading Joc would be hard, but do-able. He would be missed.

  13. Do not break up a winning hand!!!!! Joc should not be dealt. He has been invaluable in getting us where we are today. Go Blue!!!!

  14. Keep AJ, trade Peterson, Will Smith, and Lutz to royals for Danny Duffy and Salvadore Perez. Duffy has 3 good years left and can pitch middle relief or start! Sal will be back from injury in 2020 and would vastly improve our catching problem. Done deal!!!!!

  15. If they had just given the money to Craig Kimbrel we should not have this problem right now, but instead we are thinking in giving up a powerful bat like Joc and some valuable prospects to get a reliever who is not better than Kimbrel.

  16. This bullpen issue has been ongoing since Gagne, Driefort and Shuey lefty.. its why we lost twice to the Phillies with Broxton and its why we’ve lost to to both the Astros and Red Sox.. If Joc Pederson lands us a Felipe Rivero or Brad Hand you do it..
    Joc would be missed in the clubhouse but a world Series championship would be more than worth it.. Incase some of you have foprgottem teh Dodgers had Chapman only to back out and let the Cubs swoop in… guess what the Cubs did that season??

  17. Something most of you are not considering is that Pederson makes $5m this season and is arbitration eligible and will command at least $8m next season if not much more. Plus, though I’m not sure about this, I believe he’ll be a free agent after the 2020 season. So including Joc as the centerpiece of a trade will only appeal to a team that’s in contention now or thinks they will be next season.

  18. I would love to see the Dodgers trade for Shane Greene from Detroit. They could give up Pederson, Ruiz and another lesser prospect! Greene could share saves with Kenley it would keep them both fresh for playoff and WS run.I never liked the Kelly signing his lifetime stats were awful but the Dodgers feel in love with his performance in last years series!

  19. Although I don’t completely agree with you, I’d agree with trading Kiki in a package deal with Dave Roberts.

  20. Sometimes the consequences of action far outweigh the consequences of action. In this case I stand par for now at least for another 10 to 7 games. The bullpen is looking up lately. And if it continues to progress we are in great shape for yet another run. Our hole card is t had Joc, has proven his worth in the big stage in the big games. We’ve been given a pat hand by management and we need to play it. Besides we are not even close to a win or done scenario. We have a great young team. Let me remind you of a group I grew up with. Cey, Lopes, Russell, Garvey, Yeager. Even they like a fine wine took a few years to develop.

  21. I say trade him he’s either hot or cold and we need pitching and he’s goofy at times and not a good first baseman.

  22. Joc can’t hit lefties. At all. Which means he is only valuable to the Dodgers around half the time. He also plays an overstocked position. I like Joc, but trading him makes a lot of sense.

  23. Pederson is a proven asset over the last 3 years. 20 + home runs as a platoon player this season so far. Consider what he could produce as an every day player as much as Bellinger or better. On the other hand Verdugo is an overrated base hitter at best and a sure out in the clutch. Verdugo to/on the trading block. Historically the Dodgers have made lousy trades as when they traded Mike Piazza.

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