Dodgers Fans Should Prepare For Another 90-Win Season

Just consider today the day that all the ESPN prediction and projection stories started to break. However, this is actually a good story if you’re a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Joe Peta, who did a special feature on the Dodgers today, took a look at their upcoming season and projected a win total for them. You might like it.

Peta has the Dodgers finishing with 93 wins, ending with a 93-71 record, and winning the National League West. That might shock some people, but it shouldn’t. Peta loves the depth the team has and does feel they got quite unlucky last season at the plate in run scoring opportunities. Add it up, and you have a 93-win campaign.

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From Joe Peta at ESPN dot com:

It’s not touched on above, but the Dodgers were very unlucky at converting last year’s offensive production into runs. Thanks to expected gains in that metric, improved bullpen results that are highly likely, and massive improvements possible at the back of the rotation, Los Angeles doesn’t have to play nearly as well as it did last year to win the same amount of games, which I think they will.

While the team did lose Zack Greinke in free agency, they still picked up some gains at the back end and middle of the rotation that should help their chances this season. In all, it seems like everything will even out from where it was last season and the team will finish with a nearly similar record.

All of this could be for naught, though. It’s just as justifiable to see the Dodgers finishing with 85 wins as it is to see them with 93 wins. It’s all in how the peripheral players perform. For now, Joe Peta likes Los Angeles as a 90+ win team. Will that happen? We shall see. We hope it does.

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