A Dodgers Fans’ Ultimate Test: Patience

Shortly after it was announced that Johnny Cueto had signed with the San Francisco Giants, twitter erupted with frustrated Dodgers fans, most of them expressing shock, anger and disbelief that another division rival had swooped in and acquired a top free agent, leaving the Dodgers empty handed yet again.

One message read, “and we all thought LAST off-season was rough… at this rate, maybe next year we’ll trade Kershaw & Vin Scully for 2 minor leaguers.”


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As harsh criticism continues to flow through the madness that is social media, I offer some suggestions. Relax… breathe… and double-check the calendar. It may be just a tad early to phone in the 2016 season.

Believe it or not, trying to “look on the bright-side” of things is not usually my forte. I’m a pessimist by trade. Not because I like to be; it just often works out that way.

In fact, the above mentioned tweet was my own, wrote in that first moment of disappointment, as though I was channeling my inner Yasiel Puig after a strike out. And though I didn’t have a bat to break over my knee, I did have a keyboard nearby.

But after my initial pessimistic reaction, I took a minute to step back and think about everything, and decided that maybe it’s not that bad just yet. Crazy, I know.

Look, I fully understand the current outcry coming from many Dodgers fans. We’re coming up on almost 30 years since our last World Series. We’ve come up short in the post-season for the last three years despite enormous payrolls, and rosters that have been filled with All-Stars.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

This winter, fans have had to stand-by as division rivals improve their rosters with ambitious trades and acquisitions of sought-after free agents — one of whom being that Greinke guy. All-the-while, the consensus from most is that the Dodgers have stood pretty much idle, if not regressed, this off-season.

Patience is running thin for the Dodgers faithful.

But before we all go on full-fledged attack mode with 140 characters or less, maybe we should realize that the off-season is not over yet, and there’s a good chance the roster we see today probably won’t be the same one we see on Opening Day.

Consider this: There are still about 65 days until pitchers and catchers report, 80 days before the first spring training game, and almost 4 months until the Dodgers step on the diamond to play ball “for realsies.”

As Andrew Friedman said himself, “It’s all about what we look like in early April.” A statement like that would seem to indicate there’s more to come.

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