Dodgers: Freddie Freeman Predicts That His Hot Streak is Coming

In case you haven’t noticed, Freddie Freeman isn’t exactly playing out of his mind right now. Over the last 13 games with the Dodgers, he’s been sort of awful The month of June has brought Freddie a 12-for-53 skid and an unusually low .601 OPS.

He’s not hitting the ball very hard, and when he does, it’s often not in the air enough to get out of the ballpark. And he knows it. The Dodgers’ first baseman spoke with The Athletic’s Fabian Ardaya about what he has seen during his slump and what needs to change.

Part of that has been the balls hit in the air and on a line. Freddie has noticed that he’s not getting enough on those balls in the air, often resulting in flyouts just short of the wall. But the Dodgers’ biggest free-agent signing this year is confident that a streak is coming.

“I feel like I’m gonna get hot. I’m still doing OK, and obviously not what I want. But I’m hovering and treading water. In this game, it’s mostly, 85 percent is treading water and then you get hot for about 13 percent of the time and you get cold for the other 2 percent of the time. So you’re just trying to tread water as much as you can until you get hot.”

Anyone in baseball will tell you that the game is all about riding the wave. Sometimes, that wave doesn’t go the way that you planned. But the Dodgers certainly know what kind of hitter Freddie is and what he is capable of.

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The hits will come, and hopefully, they’ll come at the right times. The Dodgers need him to be hot if they want to get back to their consistent winning ways.

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