Dodgers: Hall of Famer Johnny Bench Responds to Clayton Kershaw Holding 6 Baseballs at Once

Sometimes things happen during a broadcast that announcers can’t help but stop and talk about. The Dodgers had that on Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles with Clayton Kershaw in the dugout. When he’s not starting, he’s still entertaining to watch. 

Kershaw was in the Dodgers dugout trying to see how many baseballs he can hold in one hand. As a Major League pitcher, his hands are probably much bigger than the average human.  Sandy Koufax is another guy that people talk about having ridiculously huge hands.

But one Hall of Fame catcher was not impressed by the Dodgers pitcher. Johnny Bench responded to the video on Monday taking a light-hearted jab at Kershaw and his attempt to hold as many balls as possible. 

The long-time Reds’ catcher could notoriously hold 7 baseballs in his giant hands at one time. That would be 1 more than Kershaw was able to do on the broadcast on Sunday. Bench spends most of his time holding burgers in his hands nowadays though, as displayed in a recent commercial that airs often. 

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Even if Kershaw can’t match Bench’s record, it was still pretty fun to watch for Dodgers fans. Maybe we’ll get to see him break the record on a broadcast if he is able to get some practice in this year. 

The Dodgers continue their series against the Diamondbacks tonight in Los Angeles. Julio Urias gets the start for Los Angeles hoping to build off of his last sparkling outing against the Mainers. He tossed 7 innings of 1-run ball in that game.  

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