Dodgers Hunt For Short Term / Long Term Options At Short Stop

Rafeal Furcal Breaks Left Thumb, Out 4-6 Weeks, Threatens Retirement


Last night versus the Giants, Rafael Furcal broke his left thumb sliding head first into third. Understandably frustrated, he hints around retirement. I don’t see that being a true option, but you never know. Regardless the Dodgers have to come up with a short term, possibly long term replacement.



Short Term:

  • Ivan De Jesus Jr. – Ivan would play 2B,  while Carroll would cover SS, and Uribe to 3B. This would be mixed and matched around to let Casey Blake in the action as well..
  • Juan Castro – Juan would take Carroll’s spot as the utility player. Filling in as needed. While Carroll would man SS, Uribe at 2B, and Blake at 3B.

Long Term: (Rumors)

  • David Eckstein – The Dodgers checked in on Eckstein back in Spring and the asking price was 2M for his services. Not a major need at the time, maybe things have changed?
  • Michael Young – He was on the trading block from Texas in Spring and the asking price was too high for Ned to even take seriously.  However, this was before Furcal couldn’t beat Ned at a game of thumb war. The Dodgers did check in on this option again recently, the price is still too high.



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