Dodgers: Joc Pederson Might Be Running Out of Time to Get Playoff Opportunities

A rough year for Joc Pederson leaves Dave Roberts with some tough decisions.

Dodgers fans know that playoff Joc Pederson has the potential to really be the difference-maker in a series. Time after time, Joc seems to come through when it matters most in October. 

As it turns out, that success is what has led Dave Roberts to keep giving him opportunities in 2020. Joc is back in the Dodgers lineup today against the Angels, and the team is still hopeful that he can get locked in. But if he can’t, it sounds like there’s a chance that he’s not part of the playoff picture at all.  

Joc’s had some things that he’s dealt with off of the field that certainly occupy his mind at times, and rightfully so. I just want to give him every opportunity to try to get locked in. And after tomorrow, then we’ll sort of make a decision. Because at the end of the day, we’ve got to go with the guys that we feel give us the best chance to win. 

He didn’t exactly say that Joc could be left off of the roster, but playoffs aren’t a time to let a guy find his swing. If Joc can’t get things going over the next few days, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him left off of the Dodgers wildcard roster. 

Pederson has obviously had a difficult year both on and off of the field. He’s already had to leave the team for a family medical emergency, and it’s likely that he will have to do so again at some point. It’s tough as it is to be a successful ballplayer at this level, but add in the stress of whatever is going on off of the field, and it’s close to impossible. The Dodgers have certainly missed his productive bat in the lineup knowing how lethal he can be. 

For 2020, Joc is slashing .183/.277/.374 with 6 homeruns. His OPS of .651 would be by far the worst mark of his career in arguably the biggest season of his career. Pederson is set to hit free agency after 2020, and it doesn’t seem likely that the Dodgers would try to resign him at this point. 

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  1. Yes, Joc has been a bigtime post season performer. I think Doc should give him the roster spot based on that. He won’t be resigned; but he could have a great Swansong for us.

  2. Joc Pederson, Gavin Lux need to find another place to hang their hats. The entire Pandemic Season has not been a great performance season for either. Tonight 09-26-2020 was another bad night for Joc Pederson. Missing that flyball in left field was not indicative of a pro athlete. No excuse for it. Gavin Lux is not ready for an MLB position. He needs more Farm League time. Who knows last season 2019 may have been his pinnacle. Hope that I was not overly critical of both these gentleman.

  3. Baseball players are often affected by their mental state. As noted, Joc has had his share of issues this season and I would expect those issues to have been a major factor in his inability to hit the ball on a regular basis. While he raked in previous post-seasons, it is unlikely he will do so this year, despite going long last night. If there is room on the roster, he may help against a right-handed reliever. Otherwise, put someone there who will help the team. As far as free agency, I would offer him an incentive-laden contract. His issues may be long past by April and he still has a lot of value. I have liked him since he burst onto the scene several years ago and I don’t want to see him become a star somewhere else.

  4. Pederson had a home run and three RBIs yesterday. Let him play. He is one of the few Dodger hitters who ups his game in the postseason while most go into hibernation. Even if he doesn’t start, he can make an impact as a pinch hitter. He deserves to be part of what should be a long awaited championship team.

  5. Joc is a Dodger. You want to talk mental state? This a guy who is affected by possibly being the odd man out … not due to any personal distractions.

    The guy went yard to turn a game around…what…2 nights ago??! The guy would have been WS MVP if Astros don’t cheat? They left Joc off the roster in round one a few seasons ago and regretted it. He bounced back on the roster and was plainly their most clutch producer the rest of the way??!

    Could it be that Roberts is looking to be the hero for predicting a Granderson or a Farmer or this years unknown hiccup of a roster spot is going to have more impact? lol

    Has there ever been a team that won the WS without a LH Godzilla waiting to come off the bench? Not when I got my ring there wasn’t! 41 runs in 7 games of two time come from behind magic…that happened because we were a team…and just really weren’t having changes to our regular season look! It matters!

    This shouldn’t be about metrics and revolving jerseys. What ever happened to cohesiveness and keeping a crew together. Show the guy some confidence and he performs. Show him his name in trade deals, and discuss his worthiness at playoff time and you just make his play…and your chances of winning…harder to count on.

    The mistake was made already…leaving that kid off the playoff roster. Don’t do it again!? He has earned his spot. Tell him you wouldn’t even consider a post season roster without his name on it…and watch him rattle balls off the beacher seats enroute to a long awaited Dodger Championship!

    Duh?? lol

  6. How about leaving Jansen off the roster. Used to be that he could be counted on the close a game, but now seeing him come in leaves everyone nervous unless the Dodgers have a 6+ run lead. His effectiveness as a closer is gone.

    • Except we have nobody to replace him because the Dodgers refuse to pay attention pitching in the offseason for some reason even though they take a big step down every postseason.