Dodgers: Joc Pederson Talks About His All-Time Favorite Homerun

The outfielder has one homerun in mind when thinking about the biggest of his career.

Joc Pederson was a guest on Sunset Strip this week with Ross Stripling. The Dodgers’ pitcher goes on the team’s Instagram live once a week to interview players and catch up with them in the middle of quarantine. 

Among the many topics of conversation, one Dodgers fan asked Joc about his all-time favorite homerun. For a guy that over 100 in his career, you would think he would have a more difficult time picking one. 

But the Dodgers outfielder has just one homerun in mind when thinking outside of the World Series. Joc hit four World Series bombs between 2017 against the Astros and 2018 against the Red Sox.

Man, the World Series ones are hard to pass up. Those are pretty epic, but non-World Series would have to be off of Scherzer to tie the game, he was shoving all game 1-0. And then tied it up and JT came up with a big hit and we scored, and we won that to clinch Game Five, so. Yeah, that was pretty epic. 

In terms of memorable homeruns, Joc ranks up there among the best in Dodgers’ history. There is of course Kirk Gibson’s homerun in the 1988 World Series that reigns king among all. But aside from him, Pederson has had a few similar moments.

The homerun that Joc is talking about in the video is from the 2016 NLDS when the Dodgers were tied at two games with the Nationals. In a pivotal game five, Max Scherzer was absolutely dealing until he ran into Joc in the 7th inning. 

Joc was so hyped he could barely run the bases, and he had every reason to be. Taking a 96-mph Scherzer heater to the opposite field in a tied playoff series is pretty insane. The Dodgers went on to win that game in dramatic fashion with Clayton Kershaw locking down the save. 

What are your favorite Joc Pederson homeruns? Let us know in the comments below! 

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