Dodgers: Juan Soto’s Agent Crushes Any Hope of Trade to LA

If there is a big name out on the market, the Dodgers are going to be rumored. That’s just the way things go for this franchise. Andrew Friedman has said multiple times that if there is someone out there that makes them a better team, it would be silly to not at least check in with the other team. 

So when rumors about a Juan Soto trade started to fly, the Dodgers were right in the thick of it again. So much so that they were the number 2 team in terms of best odds to land Soto. The Nationals were number 1 to retain him this year. 

But from what it sounds like, no trade should be in the future for Soto. His agent Scott Boras basically shot down any notion of him being moved, all but eliminating the Dodgers from getting him this year. From the LA Times this morning

“The impact of those variables on Soto’s situation is unknown, but Scott Boras, Soto’s agent, told the New York Post a trade is “not happening.” That didn’t stop speculation from swirling.”

To be fair, Soto doesn’t really have a say in the matter. Neither does Boras. He does not carry any 10-5 rights or no-trade clauses, and he will hit free agency for the first time after the 2024 season. So if the Dodgers really wanted him, what would stop the Nats from making the move?

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In all likelihood, Soto will remain with the Nats this Summer. With several seasons left before free agency, they can afford to wait and seek out the best deals for him. Will the Dodgers be in that conversation in the future? It’s very likely. 

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