Dodgers: Julio Urias Placed on Administrative Leave by MLB

Don’t expect to see Julio in uniform tonight. According to the LA Times, MLB has officially put Julio Urias an 7-day administrative leave in response to his arrest for suspicion of domestic battery. Urias was arrested on Monday night after witnesses allege he pushed a woman to the ground in the parking lot of a shopping center.

Per the domestic violence policy, the commissioner’s office will take the next seven days to investigate the charges against Urias. At the end of the seven days the leave can be extended. After the investigation has concluded the commissioner will decide if there needs to be any further punishment.

The Dodgers are not permitted to act independently during this investigation. Urias will remain a Dodger until the commissioner’s office completes their investigation. This policy is part of the collective bargaining agreement between Major League Baseball and Major League Baseball Players Association.

Written by Hillary Thompson


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  1. If substantiated, the Dodgers, who actively consider themselves at the forefront of community relations, need to cut ties with him immediately.

  2. Domestic violence has to stop, being a celebrity does not make you above the law. Let the investigation play out and see what happens.

  3. A very sorry situation, indeed, for the Dodgers, and Urias. What is the best course of action? If Urias were a bit older with a longer career, I would try to move him to another club. Think Milton Bradley. On the other hand, Urias is young, immature, and made a poor decision. Rather than abandon him, the team should see he gets all the help he can, and when the waves of indignation calm down, reinstate him. I could think of no better form of remediation than 250 hours in a domestic violence shelter, and learning from women how abuse has effected their life. Go Blue!!!!

  4. I think the immaturity has come thru. He needs to be taught that it is not ok and that you will be held accountable for your actions. Plus on a personal note, “how dare you dirty my Dodgers!” Athletes have to be thankful and respectful of the opportunity give to them, it’s a shame they squander it all because they let stardom get into their head. He needs a big suspension and to volunteer at a woman’s shelter for a year maybe then he would understand.

  5. Let’s hear to whole story before judging. I’m sorry, but who knows why he pushed her down. Sounds like he didnt hit her or anything else. Women are way too powerful with these types of accusations.

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