Dodgers’ Kazmir on Rough Start and Marlins’ Mattingly on Ejection

Another disappointing loss by the Dodgers to their former manager, Don Mattingly, and the Miami Marlins.

There aren’t many highlights since the Dodgers were only able to get two hits the entire game. Scott Kazmir gets six strikeouts, but struggled in the first inning while Don Mattingly talks about the ejection in the 8th and a possible sweep of his old team.

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  1. LucianoBeltran How can the FO accept their check without a guilty conscience. Our Dodgers have no identity. It seems like when they traded Dee Gordon, they the new Geeks in the FO did so without knowing Dodger baseball. Tell me of any World Series that we have won without a top notch leadoff man.  Robinson, Wills, Lopes and Sax. They have always been about pitching speed and defense. But of course our FO never followed the team like we who have always loved them. That KC team reminded me of how we use to play. Now we need usually 3 hits to score 1 run. The traditional Dodgers would score a run without a hit or an error. The 2 to 0 shutout is a good example. And to have Mattingly coming back, and is on the verge of a sweep in LA,  is more than I can take. How low can we go? The Dodgers and Yankees have always had an identity, they conrast the other, that is what made these to teams the greatest in history, and which made for a # of classic World Series.