Dodgers Lose a Heartbreaker on Walk-Off Error

The Dodgers had every chance to keep their win streak going against the Phillies on Sunday. With Tony Gonsolin pitching a heck of a game and going through 6 innings for a very tired bullpen, the offense needed to come alive. Unfortuantely, they did not and the game slipped away. 

With a 2-1 lead, the Dodgers bullpen gave away the lead in the 9th inning. That came off of a single that drove in Nick Castellanos to tie up the game. Then the game went into extras, and they really let the game go from there. 

The Dodgers had two runners on in the 10th after Mookie Betts drew the walk. An awkward Freddie Freeman swing led to a force out at third. Trea Turner got the run in on a base hit, but they failed to do anything aside from that. Max Muncy struck out with the bases loaded and Justin Turner grounded out on a nice play at third base. 

Then came the Phillies’ turn to bat. With runners on, JT made an incredibly heads-up play to get Realmuto at third. But a soft groundball to Max Muncy ended up being the death of them in this one. Muncy botched the play and both runners scored to hand them the loss. 

It was a really tough one to watch, and one of the worst overall games we have seen from Muncy in quite some time. The Dodgers will head out to Washington D.C. to take on the Nationals tomorrow night. Tyler Anderson is the scheduled starter for Los Angeles. 

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  1. Max was probably still thinking about striking out with the bases loaded in the top half of the inning. He’s been a joke in the lineup all year and now on defense too?

  2. I think that you are too critical of Muncy. The man was doing the best he could. The problem (blame) is not on Muncy, it’s on the lame brains that put Muncy in the position to fail just as they have been doing all season. If i remember correctly, the Dodgers lost the division by one game last season. How many horrible decisions will management continue to make the rest of this season.

  3. Send MM to the minors for awhile until he gets his swing and confidence back. I suspect the injury he suffered has hurt his psyche and mojo, not to mention his actual hitting and defense. Move Lux back to second and put Rios in LF. Hate to say it, but re-signing Seager could have kept TT at second and given us unlimited options all-around. But the same could be said about not signing Joc and Kiki, as well.

  4. I for one am tired of listening to excuses for Muncy. Nice guy but a major impediment to the quality of active, on field Diodger players. He is in a major, two season slump at bat (he looks like he is afraid to swing and when he does, boy is it ugly) and in the field where the ghosts of his at bats cloud his play. Sending him down to AAA for a player optional re-hab seems to be the best option now. Roberts should stop managing for one player and start managing for the team.

  5. I blame management and not Muncy. They have him in the lineup just about every day, even though at the start of spring training he said he didn’t think he’d be ready by the start of the season. The injury he got on the last day of the the season last year (one where he shouldn’t have been in the lineup) is one that can really take a year to recover from. Don’t expect much from him through the rest of the season. Had they waited he might have been at 100% by the all-star break.

  6. Max needs to rehab and/or go down to AAA to get back on his regular self. We need to get Lux and/or Alberto at 2b, Max deserves a comeback when he’s ready. Staying on the active roster while he’s not 100% is doing
    Max bad. He deserves a real chance when he’s 100% ready.