Dodgers: Managment Still Very Much Believes In Gavin Lux

Despite a down year, confidence has never faded in Lux.

It was not an ideal season for former number 1 Dodgers prospect Gavin Lux in 2020. Hoping to build off of the season he put together at the end of his 2019, Los Angeles was hopeful that they finally had their long-term second baseman ready to go. The job was Lux’s to lose coming out of Spring Training. 

That’s when things took a turn for Lux and most of the world for that matter. The coronavirus shut down sports and Lux went home to Wisconsin to stay fresh while MLB tried to figure things out. After that, the season went very poorly for Lux culminating in him having just 1 postseason at-bat. But for Dodgers President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman, it seems like management was understanding. 

It’s really to do a lot of things similar to what he did last offseason. He had a really good offseason and was in a really good spot in spring training 1.0. And then when we get to spring training 2.0, he was a little delayed, and it just took him a while to get his legs under him.

When Summer Camp started back up, Lux was a late arrival. The Dodgers never clarified why that was, and Lux chose to keep that private, which is completely fair. Lux spent most of the season at the team’s alternate location at USC, only making 16 starts for the big league squad. Despite that, they very much believe in the talent and potential of Gavin Lux. 

I think there are a lot of guys who suffered from this strange season. He was definitely one of them. But the natural ability, the instincts on the field, the overall player that he is, we still very much believe in.

It’s tough to call this season a make or break for Lux, given that he is just 23-years-old. But the reality is that Dodgers could pivot away from him early if he continues to struggle. Los Angeles has far too much talent within their organization to give away at-bats to a struggling player, and Lux could find himself on the short end of that deal.

Regardless, Lux has the stuff to be a big-league star, and the Dodgers know that. 

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Written by Brook Smith

Brook is the Senior Editor of Dodgers Nation, with several years of experience in sports journalism. He is an avid Dodgers and Lakers fan, and can be spotted fairly often at Dodger Stadium and Staples Center.


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  1. I agree with you in that I am sure they still believe in his talent and potential. The Dodgers also have other infielders like Busch that are coming up fast. Muncy can play 2nd as can Taylor. So Lux should be hearing footsteps!
    Lux destroyed AAA in 2018-19. Those numbers were very real. It is seldom that a player that hits that well does not do well in the MLB.
    Second base was subpar last year offensively. If Lux can make 2nd base a plus offensive position for the Dodgers that will help their offense tremendously.

  2. What do you expect the Dodgers to say – “Lux is no longer considered a top prospect?” Of course not! But going from the projected every day second baseman in 2020 to a guy who will have to win a spot on the active roster in spring training is quite a drop from his previous top prospect status. In 2021, Lux could be the Dodgers 19th ROY, or he could be playing for another team.

  3. Check out the top ten single season homerun & batting avg. lists of AAA and you’ve never heard of most of them.
    How about Dallas McPherson? He was so “can’t miss” the Angels let Troy Glauss go.
    They’d never say it publicly, but I guarantee you Dodgers are shopping Lux. At least he’s no longer “untouchable.”

  4. And, if he does make the comeback and becomes the player they all thought he would, Michael Busch could then be moved back to 1B, where he played in college and before.

    Like LHP, the Dodgers farm system is very thin at 1B as well.

  5. the friedman system is to bring up phenom prospects for cheap and let them loose in the majors. like….buehler, seager, bellinger, smith, urias, etc. lux could have been, should have been, and would have been the best solution at 2nd. but who can trust this kid to be a starter on a world champion? he is not major league material based on what we saw. if it were my money, i’d go get lemahieu and let lux play utility.

  6. Or you could just sign DJ LeMaheiu and erase all of the 2B issues the Dodgers have had for years, and add the right handed bat that Friedman said he wanted while subtracting a left handed bat that doesn’t seem to hit very well anyway. DJ at 5 years and $100M looks like a real solution to me. That’s not a mega contract. But you would need to plan ahead on structuring things to be able to keep Seager. It’s a long shot to get DJ, but it’s a perfect fit.

  7. Resign Justin Turner, and sign DJ LeMaheiu and use Lux as trade bait for a stronger pitching staff..

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