Dodgers: Matt Beaty’s Ejection Gets the Jomboy Treatment and it is Glorious

One of the strangest moments for the Dodgers in last few games — adding Albert Pujols notwithstanding — came over the weekend. On Saturday, the Dodgers held a 1-0 lead over the Marlins in the 4th inning. With the bases loaded and no outs, LA utility man Matt Beaty stepped up to the plate looking to do some damage.

But the home plate umpire had other ideas in mind.

Facing Ross Detwiler (who would go on to break Corey Seager’s hand a couple innings later), Beaty worked the count to 2 balls and 2 strikes before striking out on a fastball well out of the zone.

Beaty turned to home plate umpire Chad Fairchild, uttered fewer than four syllables, and was tossed from the game. 

Internet hero Jimmy “Jomboy” O’Brien gave the moment one of his famous breakdowns and it was gloriously on point.

Matt Beaty gets ejected for telling the ump he’s bad, a breakdown

The strangest part of this whole situation is that Matt Beaty is one of the nice guys in the game of baseball. The soft-spoken Tennessee native isn’t overly emotional just about ever. Even back in 2019 when he teamed with three other rookie Dodgers on a historic achievement, he still kept it relatively tame, all things considered.

With Dave Vassegh, Beaty explained the situation and what he said.

The ump show in 2021 continues to be a problem. More terrible calls are happening all over the game. Angel Hernandez still has a job. Our pets heads are falling off…

It’s a real problem.

Also, thank you for this perfect breakdown, Jomboy.

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  1. After seeing the horrendous ball/strike calls this year. How can anyone be against electronic balls and strikes? Kershaw is even wavering on it.

  2. If Gavin Lux continues to see the ball like Muncy I like the in the line up. The bullpen sucks period. The starters are unbelievably great. I tune in because of this. I have never seen such great pitching.

  3. Just be careful . The players may have to relearn the strike zone so be careful what you ask we may not like . The players surely will not like it .

  4. I am sure Mr Beaty was embarrassed after seeing the repay. Stop closing your eyes at the plate. You are a exceptional ball player, keep your self ready and no strike outs.

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