Dodgers: MLB Pipeline 2020 Mid-Season Prospect List

Last March the Dodgers had just traded for Mookie Betts and there were a lot of changes in the Spring 2020 MLB Pipeline prospect list. That list was published just before the pandemic of 2020 started its’ destruction of so much including the rest of Spring Training and almost two-thirds of the baseball season.

In June the draft was still held but it was only for 5 rounds. We finally got a glimpse of quite a few prospects during Spring Training 2.0 via the Periscope streams from the Dodgers. By the way, those were awesome and a very welcome sight for those starved for baseball.

The List

The table below shows the list from last Spring and the new list, including the change from the previous list. Since there has been so little baseball played and no minor league games there are very few changes. The only new players are from the 2020 June draft.

Notes March 5, 2020 Rank August 5, 2020 Position Change
  Gavin Lux 1 Gavin Lux SS/2B  
  Dustin May 2 Dustin May RHP  
  Josiah Gray 3 Josiah Gray RHP  
  Keibert Ruiz 4 Keibert Ruiz C  
  Brusdar Graterol 5 Brusdar Graterol RHP  
  Tony Gonsolin 6 Tony Gonsolin RHP  
  Kody Hoese 7 Kody Hoese 3B  
  Michael Busch 8 Michael Busch 2B  
  Diego Cartaya 9 Diego Cartaya C  
  Luis Rodriguez 10 Luis Rodreguez OF  
  Mitchell White 11 Bobby Miller RHP New
  Jacob Amaya 12 Clayton Beeter RHP New
  DJ Peters 13 Mitchell White RHP -2
  Andy Pages 14 Jacob Amaya SS -2
  Miguel Vargas 15 DJ Peters OF -2
  Dennis Santana 16 Andy Pages OF -2
  Gerardo Carrillo 17 Miguel Vargas 3B -2
  Edwin Rios 18 Dennis Santana RHP -2
  Michael Grove 19 Jake Vogel CF New
  Zach McKinstry 20 Landon Knack RHP New
  Victor Gonzalez 21 Gerardo Carrillo RHP -4
  Devin Mann 22 Edwin Rios 3B/1B -4
  Alex De Jesus 23 Michael Grove RHP -4
  Omar Estevez 24 Zach McKinstry Util -4
  Edwin Uceta 25 Victor Gonzalez LHP -4
Dropped off Hyun-il Choi 26 Devin Mann 3B/2B -4
Dropped off Jimmy Lewis 27 Alex De Jesus OF -4
  Ryan Pepiot 28 Omar Estevez SS/2B -4
Dropped off Brett de Geus 29 Edwin Uceta RHP -4
Dropped off Andre Jackson 30 Ryan Pepiot RHP -2

Unlike last season, there are no high risers, just new entries and players pushed down due to the 2020 draftees.

What Stands Out

Ryan Pepiot at 2020 Spring Training (Photo Credit: Tim Rogers)

First and foremost, there are 13 right handed pitchers on the new list. Even though the four that dropped out were also righties, the draft helped replaced them. It is clear to me that the Dodgers are piling up certain types of pitchers; hard-throwing righties with big upside. During Spring Training 2.0 some were able to see Josiah Gray, Mitchell White, Gerardo Carrillo, Michael Grove, and Ryan Pepiot for the first time. Many other rookies also were able to show off a bit.

To be honest, Ryan Pepiot, number 30 on the current list, was one of the most impressive pitchers in his two innings of work. I was surprised he did not place higher than 30. To see players like Brett de Geus and Andre Jackson no longer in the top 30 shows how strong the farm system has become.

Making a 2020 Impact

LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 01: Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Dustin May (85) throws a pitch during a MLB game between the San Diego Padres and the Los Angeles Dodgers on August 1, 2019 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA. (Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

In the new top 30 list, we've already seen a few players make the Major League roster.

  • Dustin May - Opening Day starting pitcher due to an injury to Clayton Kershaw. He is already making an impact and is a favorite for National League Rookie of the Year.
  • Brusdar Graterol - he made the Opening Day roster and is pitching well in the bullpen.
  • Tony Gonsolin - although he was late to camp, the Dodgers pulled him up for one start where he threw four innings of shutout ball. There is no doubt in my mind he is an impactful pitcher in 2020.
  • Mitchell White - after an excellent start near the end of Spring Training, White was called up for a day but did not make an appearance. Hopefully, he gets a real chance.
  • Dennis Santana - the bullpen seems to be the home for Santana. He made his mark against the Astr*s in an extra inning appearance.
  • Edwin Rios - he is barely a rookie but he has hit a couple of key home runs including the game winning in extra innings against the Astr*s. Due to the new extra inning rules for 2020, Rios is the first player in Major League history to leadoff an inning with a two-run home run.
  • Zach McKinstry - like White he was called up for a day but did not get into a game. He was impressive during Spring Training 1.0 and 2.0.
  • Victor Gonzalez - the lone left-handed pitcher in the new list, he got to make his debut. He was a little shaky but was hitting 97 MPH on the radar gun.

The one surprise is that Gavin Lux has not played in the Major Leagues yet. He reported late to camp and clearly was not ready for the season to start. Many of us cannot wait for him to be ready to be called up.

Final Thoughts

Quite a few players will lose their prospect status over the next few weeks. They will have met the minimum requirements to make 2020 their rookie season. May, Rios, Santana, Gonsolin, and Lux could all reach rookie status soon. As each loses their prospect status it means that new players will be added to the list. We'll keep detailed information about those players on our sister site As we've stated many times, the Dodgers farm system is strong and deep. The fact that so many rookies are making impacts in 2020 continues to prove the system out.

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