Dodgers News: Archie Bradley Not a Fan of Blue in Stands

In a post game interview after last nights game, Archie Bradley made it a point to state his frustrations with the amount of Dodger blue at the D-Backs home games.


It’s no secret that the Dodgers have one of the biggest fan bases in sports. This often causes the local stadiums like San Diego and Arizona to be filled with Dodger fans constantly. Chase Fields in Arizona has even been jokingly referred to has Dodger Stadium 2.0. This can cause some hastiness between the Dodgers and Diamond Backs.


It also can’t be easy being a D-Back or a D-Back fan. They have the third base record in the NL but find themselves 15 games back of the Dodgers. Archie Bradley who has been nothing but stellar this year has an argument and a reason to be a little frustrated. The Diamond Backs won fair and square making a tiny tent in the NL West. Tensions seem to grow more and more every year between those two teams ever since the huge fight between them back in 2014.


The contest continues as the Dodgers face off against the D-Backs for game two of the three game series. Former Dodger Zach Greinke will go up against Alex Wood tonight.

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