Dodgers News: Avilán’s Struggles Putting Roberts Into Awkward Situation

Luis Avilán’s spring training has not been very good. That’s probably putting it kindly.

Sure, spring training is tough to gauge for both hitters and pitchers, but Avilán’s struggles have been pretty hard not to notice.

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ESPN’s Doug Padilla asked Dave Roberts about where it leaves the bullpen.

Dodgers lefty Luis Avilan gave up three more runs Sunday and now has a 13.50 ERA this spring. Manager Dave Roberts said he is inclined to give Avilan the benefit of the doubt, but would like to see some results. Roberts’ ideal bullpen has a second lefty in it to go along with J.P. Howell.

Now, somewhat by design, the Dodgers’ bullpen boasts only a couple left-handed pitchers as the starting rotation is so dominated by lefties. The thinking: lineups might get stacked against them with right-handed hitters, so counter with righties coming out of the bullpen.

That said, not all lineups might get put together as such against the Dodgers and even still, situations late in games might call for lefties. So, Avilán struggling as he has isn’t ideal and Roberts’ desire for another steady southpaw makes sense on multiple levels.

Avilán has some time to turn things around, but as of right now and moving forward if he doesn’t, the Dodgers might be forced to look into other options in the bullpen from that side of the mound.

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