Dodgers News: Cody Bellinger Shines at All-Star Game Media Day

Star slugger talks power, and baseball with national media.

Without question, Major League Baseball knows that they have a star on their hands with the Dodgers’ Cody Bellinger. For instance, look at the commercial that they filmed between Bellinger and Christian Yelich.

Being an All-Star and one of the leading candidates for MVP in the National League at the midway point, there were a lot of microphones in front of Bellinger at media day on Monday.

Let’s get a look at a few of his responses today.

When asked if he pays attention to being in a batting title chase with fellow All-Stars Jeff McNeil or Christian Yelich, Bellinger acknowledged that he knows about it.

“You see it, I definitely see it. I honestly try not to look too much into it because the game is so hard, and we still have 70-something games left. Anything can happen.”

Furthermore, with today’s home run hitting contest taking place in Cleveland; Bellinger was asked who has the best power on the Dodgers.

“It’s between Joc or Muncy, without a doubt. Muncy has hit a ball out of the stadium, but I think Joc has as well. I don’t know, they’re both neck and neck.”

Moreover, Bellinger talked about how he goes about generating power in his swing over the course of his career. His response was very honest, and good to hear.

“Just grinding, to be honest. I think there are days that you feel good – but the days that you don’t – you have to figure out a way to just do it. And that’s what I am figuring out. That goes for most hitters, you have to figure out a way to get it done when you don’t feel good.”

Obviously, Bellinger comes off as a very approachable and affable young man. Remember, Jon Morosi has said he’s one of the game’s most approachable stars. It’s great to know that aside from just his performance, Bellinger is blossoming in popularity on the national stage.

It’s great for the game, and the Dodgers’ organization.

Written by Clint Evans

Clint lives in Ohio, and played collegiate baseball. He loves the Dodgers due to his first memories of Chavez Ravine when he was nine years old. The voice of Vin Scully has been a staple in his life since he was a kid. No amount of baseball talk is ever enough, and he wishes the regular season was year round. He has written about baseball online since 2007.

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