Dodgers News: Commissioner Manfred Won’t Help Fix T.V. Deal

After Commissioner Manfred announced that he is worried about the way teams are manipulating his new 10-day disabled list system, he let it be known that he will not be making an effort to help out with the Dodgers and their disaster of a television deal.

Manfred stated that getting involved with the Dodgers television deal and helping to fix the situation is not his job to do.

It would seem like that is actually a part of his job.

In 2011, Commissioner Bud Selig stopped Frank McCourt from accepting a 17-year cable deal with Fox because he did not think that it was right for the entirety of the Dodgers as an organization.

The hole keeps getting deeper in this television situation, and with no help from Commissioner Manfred, things might stay at a standstill.

Manfred either needs to re-evaluate what his job actually is, or go out of his way to help one of the biggest franchises in his league allow their fans to watch their team.

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Written by Trevor Vernola


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  1. Dodger games should be over in 2 hours since no can see the commercials that have lengthened games OR how about running DELAYED viewing of games on so everyone can see Kershaw, Turner, Seagar & Bellinger. The commish must be in charge of MLB programming, right? Oh wait, this is the office that didn’t fine Rizzo for a blatant rule violation v. San Diego, but fined Puig for interacting w/Cleveland fans. Maybe a little East Coast bias????????

  2. Funny how Comish’s can, when they feel like it, get involved in Team’s Trades,TV Deals, and any other thing that is the “Hot Zone” in their minds…

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