Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Confirms Julio Urias Will Start NLCS Game 4

And he’ll even be a starter too!

After what felt like an improbable come-from-behind win on Tuesday evening in Los Angeles, the Dodgers now find themselves in position to tie the NLCS up at 2 games apiece on Wednesday night. And they do so with their most consistent workhorse on the mound.

Yes, after Tuesday’s 6-5 win, Dave Roberts confirmed that Julio Urias would be handed the ball for game 4. Importantly, he does so with the expectation of a full starter’s workload for the left-hander, not an abridged outing.

Julio lead the Dodgers and Major League Baseball in wins this season, going 20-3 in 32 starts. The ace came into his own in his first full season as a starting pitcher, recording a 2.96 ERA over a career-high 185.2 innings pitched.

Despite that, the organization has opted to use the hurler in relief twice this postseason. He tossed 4 innings while allowing one run in game 5 of the NLDS against the Giants and picked up a blown save in game 2 of the NLCS against the Braves when he was jumped for 2 runs on 3 hits in an inning of work.

On Wednesday night, Roberts expects a full start for Urias. After a short outing by Walker Buehler in game 3 and a bullpen game expected in game 5 on Thursday, the longer Julio can go for LA, the better.

“As long as he’s being efficient,” said Roberts, “we’re gonna let it run”

First pitch for game 4 is set for 5:08 PM PT. The Braves are expected to utilize a bullpen game.

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Written by Clint Pasillas

Clint is the lead editor of Dodgers Nation, and a host and analyst on Dodgers Nation's own Blue Heaven podcast live stream.

He's been writing, blogging, and podcasting Dodgers since about 2008. He was there for Nomar, Greg Maddux, and Blake DeWitt, and he'll be there for Walker Buehler, Alex Verdugo, Dustin May, and any Dodgers of the future.

He's also a sandwich enthusiast, a consummate athlete, and a friend.


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  1. So glad Kelly only threw 6 pitches tonight. He will be fresh because he and Jansen have absolutely unbelievable. Not that the other guys haven’t. Outstanding job by the pen to keep the boys in that game!

    • One thing for sure after tonights game, something we have known since we lost Hernandez and Pederson, we have no bench! Souza and Pujols should not be allowed anywhere near the batters box, Lux must move to the bench because he is unreliable in the outfield,Pollock has to play as inept as he is at the plate and Trea Turner will never drive in a run, he’ll get his infield hits at best and Justin Turner is totally shot, looks so lost at the plate. There are too many sure outs in the Dodger lineup, let’s hope are starting pitching turn it around because the Big three have really done nothing in these three games, a bullpen game can’t be much worse.

      • Koofoo, in my projected game 4 lineup I put Beaty at 1B and Cody back in CF where he belongs. And oh how I wish I could hide Smith somewhere other than catcher!!! Arghhh. His stupid attempt at framing cost Butane the punchout on Joc. We get that and Butane goes through 7 for sure and we don’t even need Cody’s heroics!!

        I know AJ was the blind squirrel finding a nut yesterday but I still don’t want that playoff loser out there other than to pinch hit!

        Let’s go Dodgers!

        • Koofoo, I just had a brillant idea…if JT can’t get a hit today. I’ll start Smith at 3rd! He did play one game there during the season I remember.

          • Like your lineup with the exception of Barnes, he is an automatic out and their righthanded sluggers are all pull hitters and as much as I hate to see it, we will need an experienced 3B, Turner will have to play, move Smith behind the plate and bat Urias eighth ahead of JT, of course that will never happen. Like the idea of Lux and Pollock on the bench, better options than Souza and Pujols (which isn’t saying much), who as I said before, should be locked out of the ballpark.

          • DF4L–With your lineup and the Turners batting 7th and 8th the line up would be:

          • Lol. Koofoo love your sense of humor! We can only dream that our suggestions would only be implemented.

        • 4life … You’re blaming the umpire’s missed call on Smith? Really? You can’t see that I’m shaking my head.
          Bet you Pollock gets 2 hits tonight.

          • Bum4, even the announcers made the comment about Smith. How about his inability to block a pitch, accept a throw from an outfielder, or apply a tag? Sheesh. But the kid flat out RAKES! So I’m giving him the start at 3B, JT is an automatic out right now. Defense is the reason Buehler didn’t go 7! No other way around it.

  2. They should have right handed reliever pitch to the first 6 batters as an opener. Urias has trouble the first time through, and would benefit from starting out with the 7, 8, and 9 spots to get dialed in.
    It screws up with the Braves lineup and pinch batters usage as well.

    • I’d start Kelly and let him empty the tank…he’d throw zeros for at least 4 innings I bet! The guy used to be a starter for the Cards and has been absolutely untouchable this postseason!

      • Did anyone see this comment prior to Game 4???? Had Kelly started game 4, Dodgers probably not in a hole to start the game! Just sayin. Oh well, win game 5 and make Atlanta feel the possible nightmare of reliving last year’s result.

        Let’s go Dodgers!

        PS, down but not out!

  3. Ok folks, I’m calling an audible on my game 4 lineup!

    RF Betts
    SS Seager
    3B Smith (he did make one start there this season)
    CF Bellinger (you earned it dude)
    LF Taylor
    1B Beaty (do that Chase Utley thing)
    2B T Turner (borrow Cody’s bat please)
    C Barnes
    P “Babe” Urias (pen is there for you in case)

    This lineup should be able to put up 5 at least!

    Let’s go Dodgers!

    • Not so fast my friend.
      Mookie In their heads…
      Trea. Too good not to happen
      Seager One swing major damage
      Belli Ditto
      Taylor. Keeps it rolling
      Smith Better pitches to hit equals damage
      JT Ditto
      A.J. Got a big hit last night…rewarded.

      • John, that’s plan b. JT just looks gassed. He’s an automatic out right now. I’m still gunna go with mine. But I give you props 😉

      • John, sorry buddy no can do. JT is totally gassed, he an automatic out right now. Need to get the Fresh Prince out from behind the dish! He’s cost the Dodgers way too much back there, but need the bat! Yes I know AJ was the blind squirrel who found a nut but that was a fluke. This lineup also solves the god awful bench situation too! JT, AJ, and Luxy off the pine? Now we’re talkin!

        Let’s go Dodgers!

        • Where’s the love? I was speaking with my wife when Belli was struggling mightily a month ago or so. I said, stick with him he will work his way out. Well, it took a while but here we are. JT is arguably our best post season hitter. And I understand the timeline, but I have to start him here because we all know he can flip the switch at any moment and he had some rest in between games 2 and 3. Call it a hunch, JT delivers.

          • John, hope you’re right because I’m sure JT gets the start today. But at least be sensible and drop him down at least to 7. I’d sure rather give Beaty the start at 1B over the alternative of Bellinger at 1B, AJ in LF and CT3 in CF. We need the best defense we can get and I’m sorry AJ, your postseason best position is EL BENCHO. Maybe the D-bags will take him back in a swap for Ketel Marte in the off-season. One can only hope.

            Let’s go Dodgers!

          • Ok Folks it official, Huascar Ynoa a 23 year old righty gets the start for Atlanta. That should cement Beaty at 1B! Dodger lineup still not out.

            Let’s go Dodgers!

        • Hey Dodgerfan4life, I have him in the 7 hole on my original post. Moot point now looks like he’s in the 5 with Lux starting over Pollock. Little surprised with Belli in the 7 hole, 5 is where he is needed. My two cents. Go Dodgers!

          • John, most puzzling way to go. Playing with fire here if you ask me. Didn’t game 3 teach us anything?

      • I like your lineup, John. But Moron Roberts will do what he thinks is best for the team. I just hope JT and Trea do some real hitting.!!!

      • Bum4…AJ getting 2 hits just got tougher, gunna have to do it from his best postseason position…EL BENCHO! If Riley backhands his dribbler up the 3rd baseline he’d be out at first. He got sooo lucky Riley blocked the umpire from seeing it hit the line and was fair!

        • C’mon f4life Riley caught the ball in foul territory before the bag. It’s a foul ball. I’ve been defending Pollock since day 1 with the team but no matter how he performs many refuse to give any credit. I’m not saying he’s an all star but – despite some ugly SOs – he’s a solid contributor and can play on my team any time. Besides, he’s a Connecticut high school legend so I have to defend my home state boy.
          Seriously though, compare his career stats to David Freese. Same guy but everyone – including me – love Freese for his big playoff hits. Heck by that standard Mickey Hatcher ought to be in the hall. Somebody’s gotta get you to the playoffs so you can have those big moments you know.

          • Bum4, I never said Pollock was bad in the regular season! He was awesome. Too bad for him and the Dodgers it doesn’t seem to translate into the postseason. IIWII

  4. But where is the sharp movement or movement of any major kind in his pitch as it gets closer to the plate.

    Not like it used to be which makes me worry!


    • John, I’ve been banging the drum not to give up on him since late July. I felt like they should have put him on IR & take him to AZ to a) make sure the shoulder & leg were healthy, maybe a quick physical therapy cycle, and then b) work on his swing & stance, without having to mix in any game or situational hitting. I knew his regular season was likely a wash, especially since they kept playing him…I knew he would work on things, & I know that he will eventually get back to being CB from ’17-’19…the whole idea of trading him while at his lowest value is ridiculous to me…and an MVP/rookie of the year clearly has talent, & given time, he will be good again. Hopefully with the dodgers & not someone else.
      His playoffs so far have been encouraging. Won’t say it feels like he’s quite ALL THE WAY BACK, but he’s a lot closer than he was.
      It’s just like the folks saying when seager was getting ready to return from injury, to get rid of him & bellinger because of trea & lux…seager is a stud, & CB will get back. I’d rather look for the $$ elsewhere while CB is relatively cheap for a recent MVP.

  5. Game 6 if there is one, but I’m thinking with the momentum swing from game 3 there should be one.

  6. Put Lux at second base and Turner in CF.
    He would be excellent in CF and he is not that great at 2B. Maybe playing CF would get his bat to heat up

  7. Scherzer should pitch game 5 but he can’t cause his arm is tired still he should have go game 5 even fir only 4 or 5 that way Buhler gets his revenge game 6 and if necessary Urias pitches 7th game.

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