Dodgers News: Doc Reveals the Source of Mookie Betts’ Actual Injury

The Dodgers sound like they are going to be without Mookie Betts for quite some time. The All-Star outfielder has been dealing with a hip issue that has plagued him all season, and they finally decided to send him to the injured list this week. 

Dave Roberts had said that the Dodgers also sent Mookie back to LA this week despite the team being on a road trip. The hope was that he could go visit a few more medical experts to get some insight into what was happening to that hip. 

And it sounds like the Dodgers got some answers. In his pregame press conference today, Doc revealed that it was a bone spur that had brought about the lingering hip issue. Dave could not say what his timeline looked like now that they knew where the pain was coming from. 

Betts reportedly received another shot in the hip to relieve some of the pain. Roberts said that he was relatively pain-free after receiving said shot, which is a good step in the right direction. But for now, the Dodgers don’t have him doing anything. 

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A bone spur is a bump of extra bone that grows on the end of bones and often in the joints. If that is the case for Mookie’s hip, it seems like surgery would be the solution. But the injections to help manage the pain are the short-term solution for now, and one that keeps him playing into October. 

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