Dodgers News: Dodgers Streak Has Entered Historic Territory

After Tuesday’s win over the Chicago White Sox, the Dodgers have begun to enter some historic territory with their now 30-4 run.

For the most part, the Dodgers have been shutting opposing lineups down with absolutely lights out pitching combined with a quality lineup from top to bottom that has been battering baseballs for weeks.

Starting off with the team’s 30-4 record over their last 34 games… It is something that Major League Baseball has seen since the Kansas City Royals did it back in 1977. They are the first National League team to accomplish this feat since the 1936 Giants.

There has been no true single leader that has carried this Dodger team over the course of this historic streak, but both Clayton Kershaw and Alex Wood have done about as much as they possibly could over the span. Neither Wood nor Kershaw have recorded a loss since May 1st, which was nearly two months ago.

Alex Wood has not yet qualified for league leading statistics as his innings pitched are not high enough yet, but regardless, he has been there with both Kershaw and Scherzer all season long.

Some have been calling this a down year for Kershaw due to his high home run count, but Clayton Kershaw refuses to be dethroned as the best pitcher in baseball. And now, finally receiving proper run support, the Dodgers are taking full advantage of his greatness.

The Dodgers will now head home after Wednesday’s game against the Chicago White Sox, where they will stay for the rest of July. They currently sit at an astounding 39-11 at home, which translates to a .780 winning percentage. Dodger broadcaster Joe Davis pointed out that the team has lost only one game at home in the last 43 days.

The streak will have to come to an end sometime right? Let’s hope not.

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Written by Trevor Vernola


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  1. Astounding stats. I must point out two glaring errors in this piece however.

    First: in the first sentence of the third paragraph It should be corrected to say “…MLB has not seen since the KC Royals…”.

    The second correction comes in the last sentence of the fourth paragraph where it says that neither Kershaw nor Wood have recorded a loss since May 1 which is nearly two months ago, when in fact it is really nearly three months ago.

    Please proof read your column for accuracy before posting.

    • Who are you to say he didn’t? You think that is bad? Try reading the garbage on ESPN or Yahoo, those articles are riddled with errors. Heck, I read published books with countless errors. I’m a math teacher and feel I could make a living being an editor with the amount of errors I find.

      • If he did, (and I doubt he did), then that’s yet another mistake because he didn’t correct his errors. I don’t care if you’re a math teacher or not. What in the world does that have to do with the article? As for ESPN and Yahoo, I don’t read their garbage, and that has nothing to do with this either. Good grief Nathan.

  2. I have not seen this kind of power in the team since the days of Koufax and Drysdale. As for Kerahaw giving up home runs, that happens to great fastball pitchers. I remember that Koufax had a game against the killer Pittsburgh Pirates lineup (Clemente, Stargel, etc,) where the first two pitches he threw were hit out of the park. He then retired the next 27 batters in a row and the Dodgers won, 3-2.

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