Dodgers News: Freddie Freeman Agrees to Multi-Year Deal with LA

In a National League altering move, the Dodgers have reportedly agreed to a free agent contract with 2020 NL MVP and former Atlanta Braves star Freddie Freeman. MLB insider Jon Morosi was among the insiders to report the news. But things got real when ESPN’s Kiley McDaniel got in the mix.

The early reports say thay Freddie and the Dodgers have come together on a 6-year, $162 million deal. Certainly more is to come on the numbers.

Things in the Freeman sweepstakes started getting interesting last Friday as Morosi led the barrage of rumors that LA was indeed a realistic destination for the slugger. But for the months leading up to Friday night, it became increasingly clear that Freeman was not only interested in playing closer to home, but also perhaps felt slighted by the Braves’ lackluster contract extension offer a season prior.

According to reports from MLB Network’s Jon Heyman, Atlanta had been in the 5-year, $140 million range in their most recent contract offers. After the Braves acquired star first baseman Matt Olson from the Oakland A’s, the wheels were set in motion for #freddiewatch2022 in Los Angeles.

Freeman is a career .295 hitter with 271 home runs and 941 runs batted in over 12 seasons as a big leaguer. The 5-time All-Star joins a lineup featuring Mookie Betts, Justin Turner, Trea Turner, and the younger Will Smith who should form one of the most devastating offensive units in the league.

With the Dodgers re-upping with Clayton Kershaw on a one-year deal and more big moves potentially on the horizon, it’s a great time to bleed blue.

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  1. Exchanging Seager for Freeman was brilliant, he’s not just half the price, but a slightly better hitter/player, much more reliably available, more in tune with the overall Dodger strategy of working pitch counts, and a more dynamic leadership presence.

    • Surely you jest!

      As a 60 year Dodger fan, This the greatest Dodger mover since the signing of Mookie Betts, a seven time All-Star and MVP!!! That is like saying you’d rather have Beans because they would be better for us than eating stake, I am sure we would have someone to trade or not resign if it came to it

      My emotions on this can be summed up in one word: OUTSTANDING !!!!

  2. Well, the Dodger offense looks amazing this year. What a stacked lineup. If we can just get our pitching staff together. How will Kershaw perform? When is Dustin May coming back? Who will be our 4th & 5th starters? What about the bullpen? My biggest concerns are the. pitching staff. Hopefully, we dont end up over using our pitching staff in 2022 like we did in 2021.

  3. Friedman always seems to come up with an ace in the hole. We have a stacked lineup again. Not happy with Gavin being a bench player. Like to see him get a solid shot. But he will have to force his way in. That is the nature of the beast in LA!