Dodgers News: Hyun-Jin Ryu Feels ‘Normal Soreness’ Day After First Bullpen Session

We report on Hyun-jin Ryu so much that we’re thinking about changing the name of Dodgers Nation to “Ryu Recovery Nation.” Kidding, of course. And that was a bad joke. Anyways, the Los Angeles Dodgers left-hander is still recovering from offseason shoulder surgery, but he is progressing well.

Ryu’s been at the Spring Training complex at Camelback Ranch for some time now, and he’s been going through his normal throwing regimen over that period of time. After throwing a bullpen session yesterday, Ryu experienced some level of soreness, but, as reported, don’t worry too much about it.

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From Andy McCullough, who covers the Los Angeles Dodgers for the Los Angeles Times:

It’s all just normal soreness for him, so that’s obviously great news. That means he’s not feeling a twinge in his shoulder or elbow, it means he’s not feeling as if he’s overdoing it, and it means that he’s feeling relatively healthy. The other bit of news here is that he still is only throwing fastballs.

The reason for this is because breaking balls slash offspeed stuff end up taking a larger toll on your shoulder and elbow whereas fastballs really don’t. They have an effect, for sure, but not to the degree that the other stuff does. And, because of that, the Dodgers are protecting Ryu from himself.

You never want a player to try to come back from injury faster than he should, and by putting restrictions on what he throws early on during his recovery you can help mitigate the possibility of him re-injuring himself. This is the Dodgers looking out for both himself and themselves. It’s smart, and correct.

Ryu should begin throwing offspeed stuff sometime soon, but only if the team deems that he’s ready and if he feels comfortable enough to do so. For now, just know that he’s on the right path to recovery and that he’s going to get there. Once again, as has been the case with him, this is good news.

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  1. There is no real reason to rush Ryu.  The Dodgers have plenty of options so that Ryu should not feel like he has to be an Ace on April 4.  He should take his time and heal properly.  It’s a long season, and he is going to be needed to be a horse after May.