Dodgers News: Left Field Might Be A Committee, Again

Left field for the Los Angeles Dodgers is probably the one spot this season where no one knows what’s going to happen. Sure, we know who some of the key components to that outfield spot will be, but we’re pretty much still unaware of who will be manning that spot for the most part.

Based on all reports, it definitely sounds more and more like that spot will be a by-committee nature for the team. And that’s fine. To be fair, that’s to be expected. Then again, we don’t exactly know the key components to said spot. We’re starting to get some idea.

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From Orange County Register columnist Steve Fryer:

Eight players started in left field for the Dodgers in 2015, and now we get into “I’ll take ‘Dodgers Outfielders’ for $400, Alex” territory. You might not guess, or answer, in “Jeopardy!” style, that Carl Crawford made the most starts in the Dodgers left field in 2015, with 42. Andre Ethier was next, at 38 starts, and guys named Chris Heisey and Scott Schebler had three each.

Hopefully the team doesn’t have to start eight different players in left field in 2016, or else it could be a really long season out there. It seems like Andre Ethier and Scott Van Slyke will be making the majority of the starts in left field, but that doesn’t mean that Carl Crawford won’t get his moments.

There’s still a lot of intrigue and mystery surrounding that spot, and that position could be batting anywhere from first, when Crawford is starting, to sixth or seventh, when Ethier or Van Slyke start, in the order. That’s a huge swing, but one the team will just have to live with this year.

The major hope is that one player starts to distance himself from the pack during Spring Training and takes the job as his own, but we won’t know until the games start to be played. Either way, the team seems stacked in left field — just not in a way you’d want to see most times. They just need to figure it out.

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  1. Michael Norris
    It’s been long enough.  Dodgers don’t need this kind of drama for first year manager Roberts.  It’s time to cut ties with the Crawfish and end one most horrific contract  in franchise history.  Not only that but CC is a morale buster as well.  Give his spot to someone from the farm and go from there.

  2. pauldodgerfan1965 Michael Norris  Although I agree with you. You and I and everyone else knows that is not going to happen. There is no way this ownership just eats 41 million dollars. And that contract was not made by this ownership..They took it on when they made the trade. Carl is all but untradeable with this contract. Releasing the guy is not an option. CC is not as you say, a morale buster. He has been described as a great clubhouse guy, and a very hard worker. He has been injury prone the last 5 years, but when he plays, he is one of the better hitters on the team. I am a realist in knowing he will unless some sort of miracle trade present itself, be a Dodger the next 2 years. Most fans expect him to get injured again, some even wish for it. Me, I see a far better option, good health and productivity….

  3. Michael Norris pauldodgerfan1965 Yes I agree with Michael. Its like Pottery Barn we signed him we are stuck with him and he is usually broken…
    But he is by all reports a good clubhouse guy. Pederson said that CC helped him keep his outlook positive and his head up when he went through that horrid second half of the year.  Trace Thompson said he had been a great counselor. SO give the man his due he is a positive leader. 
    And when healthy one of the more dynamic players in the game..

  4. LF is going to be a platoon no matter if Ethier or CC is the left handed OF.  What I hope is that either Ethier or CC win the LH LF outright and they do not continue to shuffle in and out of the lineup.  ABs will already be divided by the straight lefty/righty platoon, but to further split ABs for Ethier or CC is not beneficial.  Ethier is already on record saying that he needs to play to stay sharp.  He proved that last year as he was a regular in the lineup against RHP. 

    But I would not be so quick to give SVS the regular RH LF.  I think Kike’ will have something to say about that before ST is over.  I also think there is a good chance that one OF gets moved before April 4.  I would guess that it will be Ethier or SVS.  Trayce Thompson deserves to be on someone’s 25.  It serves no purpose for him to go back to AAA.