Dodgers News: Security Guards Accused of Stealing Equipment

Well here’s a bit of news we didn’t anticipate this spring. Really, though, we probably should have acted as if anything is possible with the way this spring has gone. This tidbit has to do with the goings on away from the game.

According to reports, security guards from Dodger Stadium are accused of stealing merchandise from the stadium stores dating back to 2013.

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This, via Matt Hamilton of the L.A. Times.

The homes of two longtime security guards, Juan Prada and Fernando Sierra, were raided, along with their lockers at the stadium. The alleged EBay seller, Jesse Dagnesses, also had his home raided.

All three were arrested on suspicion of burglary and later charged with conspiracy to commit a crime, according to court records. At an arraignment on March 3, all three pleaded not guilty.

Security guards have access to all kinds of things and one might talk themselves into pulling this kind of crime by saying something along the lines of: “Well, they have so much of this just lying around. What harm might be done if something like this goes missing?”

The issue being: stolen is stolen, regardless of how those doing the stealing talk themselves into it.

The report goes into detail on what was stolen.

  • Two Corey Seager jerseys
  • Two of Clayton Kershaw’s bats
  • 17 dozen official baseballs made by equipment manufacturer Rawlings.

The report goes into detail on how the Dodgers caught those responsible, the identification of the seller the guards were reportedly working for and some other minutia that make this one of the more interesting articles we’ve seen in a little while.

The Dodgers were asked for a statement by Hamilton and the Times but decided not to give a statement.

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  1. Well it had to happen somewhere sooner or later. The memorabilia market is just so lucrative. Especially for class A players like Kersh. Stuff from a rookie like Seager, well that is also highly desireable