Dodgers: One MLB Pundit Predicts Mookie Betts Will Win NL MVP

While it might not be news to most Dodgers fans, Mookie Betts is a very good baseball player. Los Angeles certainly knew that when they brought him over on a deal in February. 

As it turns out, we’re not the only ones who know this top-secret information. Most MLB experts are already predicting the Dodgers will win the NL West, but some are taking it a step further. On Intentional Talk this week, Kevin Millar and Chris Rose talk about the potential for Mookie Betts in 2020. 

Mookie Betts gets off to a nice start in his new uni, we were scared we weren’t gonna see him play. He wins the MVP, so there ya have it. They’ll have a nice little MVP to go right next to Bellinger. 

In terms of career numbers, Betts saw a little bit of a slide back from his 2018 MVP campaign last year. He slashed .295/.391/.524 with 29 home runs, but the Red Sox were really awful and he had little protection in the lineup. The Dodgers, on the other hand, will be able to surround him with sluggers. 

When Betts took home the AL MVP in 2018, he hit .346 with 32 home runs and 1.078 OPS. In short, he was phenomenal. Who knows what will happen in a 60-game season, but Betts definitely has the opportunity to do something special with the Dodgers right before free agency. 

Betts reportedly turned down a near $300-million extension offered by the Red Sox, presumably hoping to get more money. That plan could definitely be foiled by a rough 2020 season, so it’s unclear how much teams are going to be willing to spend next season. The Dodgers might be able to retain his talents long-term after all. 

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