Dodgers Pitcher Andre Jackson Becomes the First in MLB History to Accomplish This Strange Feat

It’s always special to see a player get their first shot in the big leagues. Regardless of what team, you can’t help but root for them a little bit. Thankfully, Dodgers fans got to root for one of their own in Andre Jackson on Monday. 

Jackson was forced into Major League duty a little early given the condition of the Dodgers starting staff. Just recently promoted up to Triple-A, Jackson made the jump to the big leagues and appeared in the game on Monday night. He did not disappoint. 

The Dodgers number 22 prospect tossed 4 scoreless innings and punched out 5 batters to keep them in the game. Jackson also allowed 2 hits and issued 4 walks, clearly having some trouble with command in his first big league appearance. 

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Funny enough, Jackson’s 4 walks led to him becoming the first pitcher in the modern era to strike out 5, walk 4, and not allow a run in a relief appearance. That comes courtesy of Stats and makes for a pretty odd record for the Dodgers pitcher to hold. 

But regardless, Jackson‘s name is in the record books! Congrats to the young hurler, and here’s to many more record-setting performances! 

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Written by Brook Smith

Brook is the Senior Editor of Dodgers Nation, with several years of experience in sports journalism. He is an avid Dodgers and Lakers fan, and can be spotted fairly often at Dodger Stadium and Staples Center.


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  1. These oddity of data crunching by fast computers are not ‘records’.

    If I farted 3 times between 5:15 and 6:03 Tueday, while I took 23 sips of coffee, and THEN didn’t fart again until exactly 9:03:02

    Is that a ‘record’?

  2. I have recalled all my records. This young man did a outstanding job. I am certain he will be a asset to the LA Dodgers.

  3. Jackson was all over the yard, debut jitters aside. But for some generous strike calls & Pirate swings & misses, he could have walked 7 or 8. Love to see new talent come up & show their stuff, but he’s gonna have to be a LOT tighter to have any positive impact with the big club.

  4. Whenever a Dodger pitcher shuts out the opposition, I just call it good. When it’s rookie, making his debut, and he does it for 4 innings, I call it great. Don’t need to find any record in there.

  5. Is that assuming it’s the pitcher’s major league debut?

    The article states:
    Jackson’s 4 walks led to him becoming the first pitcher in the modern era to strike out 5, walk 4, and not allow a run in a relief appearance.

    I find it hard to believe that’s never been done in the modern era.

  6. Dave Roberts was/is a terrible hire. Dave Roberts had no managers experience with his hired by the best franchise in baseball. He merely served as a bench coach for the Padres for a few years, when the vacancy became available for San Diego he did not get the job. I wonder why? Dave Roberts has proven to be a great manager when the Dodgers scored 10 runs or more but a terrible manager when the game is close. I believe that’s what this article is also saying.This article points out numerous horrible decisions that he has made. I support removing him and hire Mike Scioscia.

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