Dodgers Players Push Back On League’s Plan to Quarantine Families Ahead of Playoffs

Dodgers players are not happy with the league’s plan for the playoffs.

MLB might be facing yet another issue with the Player’s Union as the season winds down. With just three weeks left in the regular season, the league must decide what to do about players that want their families to travel with them. The Dodgers players have already expressed their dissatisfaction with what the league is currently looking at doing. 

The Dodgers union representative Justin Turner talked about how well the team has done in making sure that their COVID numbers stay down. In fact, they haven’t had any sort of outbreak at all since the season started. So Turner wants to know why the league is changing things up if they’ve done everything right thus far. 

You’re asking us to choose between our families and the playoffs? That’s a stupid question, especially when we’ve played however many successful games this season. Obviously, there were two blips early on but it was out of poor choices by individuals. Other than that, it has been a pretty successful season. Why change all the protocols now?

As of now, the league has proposed three options to the Player’s Union for families entering the playoff bubble. The Dodgers players don’t sound too happy with any of them, though other teams have said they would be fine with a few options. 

  • No quarantine, but attending games as the league’s guest and are allowed to have socially distanced interactions with the players without staying at their hotels. 
  • Families quarantine for seven days and enter the bubble for the League Championship Series
  • Families would quarantine from shortly before the regular season ends, through the wild-card round, and then joining the players for the Division Series. 

The goal of the league is obviously to make sure that playoffs get to happen without any outbreaks. The interesting part though is that players have been able to be with their families during the regular season. That seems to be the biggest issue with the Dodgers and JT. 

As of now, it seems that the league plans on going through with their plan to institute two separate regional bubbles for playoffs. The American League would play their games in Southern California while the National League would play in Texas. Details are still being worked out, but it would help protect against outbreaks like what happened with the Marlins and Cardinals. 

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