Dodgers Prospect News: Keibert Ruiz Earns Top Ranking From

Are you as excited about Keibert Ruiz as I am? ‘Ruiz Day’ is getting closer every day we wake up. Furthermore, Jonathan Mayo is the prospect Godfather over at Recently, he tabbed Ruiz as the number three catching prospect in all the minor leagues.

Moreover – if you can remember back one year – Ruiz was ranked the number three catching prospect in 2018 as well.

Within the article, Ruiz was given the ‘highest floor’ designation of the position group of prospects. Have a look at the glowing words. Altogether, this is a young man with staying power both as a prospect; and once he reaches the MLB level.

Murphy could be a candidate if you wanted to focus solely on defense — his glove will make him a big leaguer. But Ruiz’s bat, with the ability to hit for average and power, provides a little more certainty that he’ll be a big league regular at the position.

The 20-year old prospect spent the entire year at AA Tulsa where he handled himself well. Ruiz hit .268 with 12 home runs and 47 RBI in 1o1 games played.

He is a career .309 hitter with a .357 on-base percentage as a professional. All of this should garner him high rankings in the prospect shows that should make their way out soon on MLB Network (also headed up by Mayo).

Ruiz is said to have an estimated time of arrival of 2020. However, when a prospect is as solid as Ruiz; often times the envelope gets pushed. Do not be surprised given the state of the Dodgers catching situation at the big league level if you see him in spells at some point before that year hits.

Any Dodgers fan knows this principle can hold true in regards to prospects. The question remains: is Keibert Ruiz the next great one in a long lineage of prized youngsters? We will know the answer sooner rather than later.

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  1. Ruiz is the only current Dodgers prospect who fits the description of “not available.” Perhaps Gavin Lux fit that description before the acquisition of Jeter Downs, but for the right return the Dodgers may be open to trading Lux.

    • SoCal, that is a key phrase here: ‘for the right return’. and so far this off season anyway Dodgers were lacking in a return from the Red’s trade that addresses the MLB club in 2019. IDK but there are those from this blog and others that feel Dodgers will regret having dealt Puig. I am OK with it but was hoping to get something back that helps team in 2019. But a salary dump is what most people saw that deal as being.

        • AP, yes it was a salary dump. Guggenheim are 100% investors. It’s about profits. Season tickets sold out, Time Warner $8,000,000,000 deal, Dodgers merchandise off the shelves.
          As an investor I view that as a total victory. I don’t care if no one watches a game or if anyone ever shows up. I already have the money. The job is to keep people interested while spending less. It is so predictable.

  2. Ruiz may be a “top prospect,” but he’s got an OPS of .728 in AA! You are projecting A LOT of improvement for him to be a significant player in MLB any time soon. I may be wishful thinking, but I hope not.