Dodgers Raise Season Ticket Prices

The Los Angeles Dodgers are reportedly raising prices on season tickets in 2016. This won’t be particularly popular.

Dodgers fans are already on edge to a certain because of the Time Warner Cable issue. Add to that their rising prices and eliminating the $5 ticket plan on season packages and fans might grow increasingly restless.

Increases might go anywhere from 10 to to 25 percent depending on the section.

The news comes at a curious time, considering the Dodgers are without a manager and Zack Greinke having just opted out Wednesday morning. For those weighing the outcomes of those situations into whether or not they’ll either renew their passes, making such a decision with an increased investment could get tough.


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On the Dodgers’ side of this, they’re coming off a season with a $300 million payroll with just a trip to the first round to show for it. Grading the roster by the amount of money invested into it is a flawed exercise, but from a purely business standpoint, somewhere along the line it makes sense to cut back.

An interesting question for fans to answer in all of this is: If the increased investment on your part leads to the signing of the free agent or re-signing of Greinke, would you opt for the passes despite the jump in cost? For many, especially the die-hards who can afford the games, I’d imagine the answer is pretty straightforward: I’ll fork up the cash so long as you promise to do the same.

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