Dodgers Relief Pitcher Scott Alexander May Be Heading for Injured List

After struggling with his command during the awful loss to the Nationals that we never want to relive (relive it here!), Scott Alexander has found his name thrown around online.

As noted almost immediately by the great Mike Petriello, Alexander’s pitch profile threw a big red flag. A sinker ball pitcher should not be living up in the zone as much as he did during his sequence to Juan Soto.

It should be noted that Soto is a left-handed batter, and of course, Alexander is a left handed pitcher.

After the game, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts mentioned to media that Scotty “just couldn’t get his sinker down.” He added more,

He hasn’t been synced up yet. I think there’s a little something with Scotty’s hip, his delivery. He hasn’t had that consistent sinker this year, he hasn’t. And slider hasn’t been consistent. We need him to get back to that form of the past.

So there’s a hip issue!

Moreover, there is apparently a hamstring issue being dealt with. Speaking with Mike DiGiovanna, Alexander explained the ailment.

I was landing just short of the hole [on the mound] and I would slide out a little bit more, and I overstretched it, I overtweaked it,” Alexander said. “They did a good job of giving me a day here and there, but it’s just been a lingering thing.

As it stands, Scott definitely sounds like a man destined for an IL stint, if not only to get him rested and healthy, but also to get him straightened out. (Don’t call it a phantom IL stint…)

Expanding on Bill Plunkett’s tweet, Alexander is sporting reverse splits against batters this season. Left handed batters are posting a .346 average, while righties are putting up a.136 average.

Last season LHBs hit .172, and RHBs recorded a .288 mark against him.

With a nagging injury affecting the pitcher, and two other left-handed pitchers on the mend, the Dodgers will likely announce a move after Monday’s off-day.

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