Dodgers: Rich Hill Delivers Message for Future Draftees

Prior to the 2019 MLB draft, Dodgers lefty Rich Hill provides some advice for every young draft prospect

The day has finally arrived. High school and college baseball players from all over will wait for their name to be called in the 2019 MLB draft. It is just the beginning of what could be a long and successful career for many of these young men.

Host of Draft Kings Live, Adam Kaufman, is joined by Dodgers hurler Rich Hill. Adam mentions how much Rich has been through in his career, including all of the ups and the downs on the way. He asks what advice Hill would give to these future draft picks.

Enjoy the moment…. don’t live and die on every outing

Rich Hill is a pretty straight forward guy and he won’t waste his time beating around the bush. At the age of 39, Rich Hill has spent fifteen years in the big leagues, which included playing with 8 different ball clubs.

Failures will continue to push you forward, it’s not something that you’ll see as a setback, but what you can learn from those failures along the way and understand that that’s part of the game…

During his career, Rich Hill was on the Long Island Ducks, an independent ball club in New York. The Oakland A’s gave him a shot the next season in 2016 before heading the Los Angeles, where his success continues in Dodger blue.

The 2019 MLB Draft takes place in the MLB Network studios in New Jersey. The draft begins at 7 PM ET on MLB Network.

You can watch the full video here.

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  1. “My message to future Dodgers pitching draftees: Don’t take it personal, when you are removed from a game, even though your pitching a great game.” Old habits are hard to get rid of.