Dodgers Rumors: LA Reportedly in the Market For A Starting Pitcher

The Dodgers are always expected to be in on big names around the trade deadline. That comes with the territory of being one of the best teams in baseball that also features one of the best farm systems. That shouldn’t be any different this Summer. 

With the loss of Walker Buehler, the likeliness that the Dodgers will add an arm or 2 only grows. They were already probably looking for arms to supplement the injured starting staff, but the injury makes it a little more urgent,

According to Bob Nughtengale, the Dodgers are going to be in the market for a starting pitcher soon. And there are a lot of names out there that they could look to go after. 

The Dodgers have the pieces to move for an elite arm, especially to a rebuilding franchise with talent on their current roster. That might also include some expiring contracts. They could look to the Reds and Athletics, 2 teams that they have trade history with and that feature really good arms on their rosters. 

So if they do want to make a move, there are guys available. Players such as Frankie Montas and Luis Castillo could be names for them to look at, though both righties would come at a premium cost. 

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    • What makes you say that?!
      Gatorade, er Graterol 4.28 (Roberts the Clown’s pet)
      Price 4.61
      Kahnle 6.75
      Kimbrel 4.42
      Bickford 4.34
      Bruihl 3.86
      Vesia 3.38
      Cleavinger 3.38
      These relief pitchers are perfect for helping the opposition kick our ass.

  1. I check the 4 minor league affiliates every day. Not a whole lot of talent on the horizon. Pepiot and White should be in the rotation cause there’s not much else down there in the way of performance lately. Cartaya supposed to be the next coming, but in A ball and very inconsistent. Vargas in OKL looks the part, but who knows. We draft nothing but pitchers so offense on the farm nonexistent right now. Any chance of going deep into the playoffs going to be on Friedman at trade deadline. The lineup which was supposed to be reminiscent of the ’27 Yankees has been an inconsistent mess mostly from top to bottom. If Mookie slumps as he is now, forget it. Will Smith a cleanup hitter?? Belli’s been toast for 1 1/2 years and starts every game cause of Dave the Delusional. Muncy? JT? Taylor hit and miss. Toughest out today is probably Lux and DR has him hitting 9th. long summer ahead. This team right now not scaring anyone